Putting Up Your House for Sale? Try To Not Make These 5 Mistakes

Let’s go over it one more time: when you are planning to sell your house, never show any weakness in front of the seller or they will base all their decisions on it. The less stress you take during the process, the more profitable the sale will be.

Often homeowners can make mistakes in the heat of the moment. There are going to be many ups and downs during the selling process and the key to negotiating a winning deal is to stay calm.

With that being said, let’s have a look at five mistakes that can tank your house sale:

1. Working At Your Own Pace

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners usually make is that they fail to schedule meetings on the buyer’s time. Since you are the one selling the house and in need of money for whatever reason, you should be accommodating. Whether the buyer calls on a weekday or the weekend, welcome them with a smile. Failing to do this will leave a bad impression and word of mouth spreads like wildfire.

2. Mentioning the Wrong Price on the Listing

When buyers are browsing through listings online, the deciding factor of the click-through is the price. You need to be objective while setting the price for your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA. It shouldn’t be too high (doesn’t match the comps) and not too low (sale price goes into deficit). Be prepared, because the buyer will have information on the comps during the negotiation, so it’s better to write accurate details in the first place.

If the price is too high, the house will sit longer on the market and will lose its value. A lot of factors go into setting the price, such as the location of the house, the neighborhood, proximity to commute and shops, school district and more. So, create a list and then find information on the comps in your area before setting the price.

3. Thinking Emotionally About the Sale

So what if a buyer comes back and tries to low ball you? This doesn’t mean that you have to accept it! Think rationally and find out what motivates the buyer to offer this price. Get to the root of the problem and then offer incentives to find a middle ground. Remember, this is only temporary. Once the house is sold, you can put all your energy into creating your new home.

4. Not Staging

You have to stage! Period. There are many ways to stage on a low budget or without even paying a penny. If you have set aside a small budget for sprucing up the house, then spend it on a stager who will work wonders on your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA. If you are planning to do a little DIY or tackle the staging on your own, then you can check out our blog “10 Staging Tips That Will Make A Buyer Fall Head Over Heels In Love With Your House” for some ideas.

5. Not Looking at the Smaller Picture

Now that you are focusing on the bigger picture, what about the smaller one? You might find this odd but before inviting any potential buyer on your property, have a talk with your insurance guy. Hash out the details regarding property damage and other similar things. Do ask the buyer if he has the pre-approval mortgage letter, so that you can move forward with the process. Look over the contract twice before signing on the dotted line and do make sure that all clauses mention what was negotiated. Once the deal is closed, nothing can be changed.

So, there you go… five perfectly sound reasons why you the homeowner should always be alert during the selling process. Want to know the current value of your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA? Visit America’s Network Reality and get an accurate evaluation from experts.

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