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Atlanta, GA - For individuals moving to the Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta or any other areas in the Atlanta Metro area, Finding homes to move in immediately without obtaining a mortgage loan from a Financial Institution has never been easier. Today market is mostly for home buyers , however, there area still some homes available on a lease purchase in the Atlanta metro area. Many home owners prefer to lease purchase their home instead of straight rent, this option offers more protection to home owners.

A Lease Purchase Option is a combination of rent and purchase, there are many types of lease purchases, but the most common is a prospect rents the house for a period of time with an option to purchase at a specified price and date in the future. Tenant moves in the house prior to purchasing but has an option to purchase at a later date, this requires a non-refundable deposit that could be as highest as 10% or even 20% depending on the motivation of the seller.

Purchasing a home via the Lease Purchase Option still is very popular for home buyers that are establishing or fixing their credit.  Here on this page you will find many home listings with teh Lease Purchase option. If you are interested in purchasing a house but your credit is not where it should be, or your current income doesn't support the home you would like to own but you will have the income in 12 months I strongly suggest you purchase a home now as the prices of homes are still low.

In our website you can search lease purchase homes by city, public schools, Zip codes, county, subdivision and more searching criteria. Upon finding a home that you are interested, our professionals can provide you the terms of the lease purchase including down-payment, monthly rent and duration of the lease; Below is a complete list of homes available on a lease purchase

What's a Lease Purchase?

A Lease Purchase allows you to rent and occupy the home while having a contract to purchase the property for a set amount at a predetermined time in the future. When leasing a house in Atlanta, most likely you will be signing two documents, one is for the lease and another one for the purchase. This is the best way to get a house when your credit has some issues and no lender is willing to give you a loan.

Benefits of a Lease Purchase; the benefits of a lease purchase are incredible, here are some of them that you will get when doing a lease purchase: Minimum cash required, in most cases sellers will finance you, you can get into a house for as little as $3,000 dollars, depending a the motivation of the seller.

Equity in the home you are buying, in most lease purchase agreements the price of the home is determined at the time you write the lease purchase agreement, what this means is that you begin to build equity without having to actually purchase the home. If you happen to be in an area where it appreciate rapidly, you may just make more money that you otherwise wouldn't have.

Get to know the area; with a leas purchase you will have enough time to find out all about the neighborhood as well as all the issues of the house you are buying.

You have no taxes and insurance, while you lease the house the owner still responsible for paying taxes and insurance and in some occasions major repairs.

Avoid traditional down-payments; with a lease purchase you don't have to deal with a lender, paying closing costs until you close on this house, or come up with a large down-payment.

Click on the link below to see the complete list of Lease Purchase homes in the Atlanta metro area.

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