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Moving Fast – 5 Homeowner Regrets That Most First-time Buyers Face

According to, 1 out of 5 first time home buyers regrets their decision after buying a house. It’s in human nature to always regret the things we have done, wishing that we should have done it better. When it comes to buying a house, this can be a huge mistake because a lot of […]

5 Essential Tips for Home Buyers on How to Get Your Dream House

When buying a home, most people tiptoe around the seller in fear they might go for another buyer. The truth is: if you make a good enough offer, you can be assured that the seller will stick with you till the end. I am sure you have heard of seller incentives such as offering a […]

Your Guide to “Buying a Home for the First Time”

Are you ready to begin this journey? Buying a house is a huge commitment that requires you to be on the straight and narrow for a few years, until you can call the house yours. You are not just buying a house but also a mortgage that has the power to steal this dream from […]

Seal the Deal – The 5 Simple Rules of Negotiation

The most crucial step in the home buying process is “negotiations”. If the seller agrees to your offer, then you can go ahead and think about what kind of paint needs to be done on the walls and whether you need a new couch for the lounge or not. However, if the seller presents you […]

Hey, Buyers: Check Out these Home Appraisal Tips

There’s always some feature of a house that makes the buying process deeply personal for you. Maybe it’s the walk-in closet or the dreamy bathroom, where you immediately envision yourself taking hot, relaxing baths. So, you finally chose a house and have decided that this is the “one”. The only concern now standing in your […]

Dealing with Surprises – The Day of the “Home Inspection”

Getting a home inspection on your dream house is always nerve racking. The moment the inspector enters the Sandy Springs home for sale, there’s this question playing on a loop in the back of your mind that, “What if there’s something wrong with the house, which the owner failed to mention?” Then there’s impatience… what […]

Crafting Your Money Bid – How to Make an Offer on Your Dream House

So, you finally found your dream house. Are you ready to make a bid on it? Wait a minute… whatever you are imagining; it won’t probably go that way in reality. Sounds a bit dramatic but putting an offer on a Sandy Springs home for sale is not that easy! To help you make an offer […]

Preparing to Sell? Do These 5 Projects First Before the Open House

Most sellers don’t know about “value adds”. To be honest, it’s a sly way to change your house’s overall look, so that it forms a lasting impression on the potential buyer. It sort of helps the seller to display the house’s best assets. If you are planning to put up your home for sale in […]

5 Tips That Will Help You in Selecting the Right Offer for Your House

After working so hard in preparing your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA, you finally have multiple offers and you are ecstatic to choose one that promises the highest profit. What you are not aware of is that buyers can be very savvy and to match them, you must review each offer carefully. Determine […]

Tips for First Time Home Buyers

  It only takes a second to fall in love with a house. While the idea to own it is indeed exciting and makes you start thinking about how your belongings will look in the empty space, you should never plan it too fast because if the deal does not fall through, you will be […]

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