10 Staging Tips That Will Make a Buyer Fall Head Over Heels in Love with Your House (Part 2)

Staging your house before the buyer arrives can be very taxing. Houses for sale in Sandy Springs, GA are a bit hard to sell because they hold a high value. There are certain areas of the house, which the buyer inspects closely. Anything out of order such as a leaking faucet or food crumbs on the carpet can put off the buyer. They want the first impression to be lasting, so that they can imagine their belongings in the space you have decorated.

However, one thing you need to remember is that staging a house is all about subtle decoration and rooms, which are devoid of your personal belongings. Previously, in part one of this blog, we talked about how to stage the kitchen and bathroom the right way.

Following the same rules of repair, de-clutter, update and de-personalize, let’s have a look at the remaining two rooms. In part 2 of the blog, we will talk about the living room and bedroom that are considered your sanctuary and make up 50% of the house:

Living Room

Living room is the one place that must be decorated carefully because it is where the party gathers for negotiations. The room needs to be clear of personal belongings and decorated with limited art pieces that accentuate the space. Here’s how to ready your living room before the buyer arrives:

  1. Paint the living room a neutral color, as it makes the room appear more open
  2. The only three things that must be placed in the living room are a sofa set decorated with pillows, a coffee table and a flower vase on it
  3. Change the lamps in the living room and make sure they are bigger and brighter. Open the windows and tie the curtains for a more natural look
  4. Scrub the fire place clean and install a new decorative screen. Place two high backed chairs in front of it and light a small fire minutes before the buyer arrives
  5. Park a tea cart near the coffee table and offer the buyer a cup of coffee with cookies


Though everybody likes Michael Jackson, you don’t exactly want a life size poster of him to be the first thing the buyer sees. It’s time you cleared out your bedroom of all your personal belongings. Here’s how to ready your bedroom before the buyer arrives:

  1. The three things you are allowed to decorate your bedroom with is the bed, the dressing table and the cupboard
  2. Paint the walls a neutral color and match the bed sheet and pillow cases with this color
  3. To give the room a unique look, place two chairs and a small round table near the window
  4. Light the side table lamps
  5. Give the cupboard a good scrub and remove the hangers

Around 81% of the buyers believe that staging their house for sale in Sandy Springs, GA allows them to get it off the market faster. Follow these ten tips and you can place your house in the market at a price that people will be clamoring to buy. Before putting your house on the market, get your house evaluated by America’s Network Reality Group Inc. Enter your address here: https://www.kstrealty.com/homevaluesinsandysprings/

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