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10 Steps to Build your Custom Home in Atlanta

10 Steps to Build your Custom Home in Atlanta Find the correct lot. If you already don’t own your lot, the best way to find a lot to build your custom home is to hire a local real estate agent with experience in home building. Not all lots available for sale are buildable, some of […]

6 House Selling Tips – How to Sweeten the Pot for the Buyer

There’s a secret tip in real estate market that most people don’t know about. The tip is that a real estate market, which is going towards a decline and where supply is more than demand, a house can be sold faster if the price is lowered. However, people who do know about this tip don’t […]

Window Of Opportunity: Unique Ways To Dress Up A Home Interior For An Open House

Whether you want to sell your home in Sandy Springs, GA or make it more appealing for your own eyes, dressing up a home is something that will pay you top dividends. Changes to the home interior can be simple such as repainting the walls, or they can be complex such as an entire makeover […]

Seeking Real Estate Investor to Partner with a Construction Company in Atlanta

Seeking a Real Estate Investor to Partner with a Construction Company in the Atlanta Metro Area We are local construction and real estate Brokerage Company in the Atlanta Area, we are constantly offered properties that required a total renovation at deep discounts, however the lack of funding has stopped us from reaping the potential return on investment […]

Shave Hundreds Of Dollars Off Home Repairs With These Simple DIY Tricks

If you are thinking of putting up your home for sale in Dunwoody, GA, you should know that simple DIY tasks that cost next to nothing can help you get the most for your property. Nowadays, buyers seem to have gained Sherlock’s eye when it comes to inspecting the house. Little scratch marks and leaks […]

Your Garage Is Part Of Your Home, Act Like It

The garage is the most overlooked part of the home; yet, it is one of the easiest fixes to the home that protects the home from thieves and pests, preserves heating and cooling in the home, saves money on heating and cooling costs, keeps the home clean, beautifies the home and increases a home’s property […]

Redesigning Your Bathroom? Don't Forget The Plumbing

Redesigning Your Bathroom? Don't Forget The Plumbing The Bathroom in your home is used frequently, and eventually, it requires updating to have an attractive appearance. While redesigning your bathroom with the trendiest paint colors or the newest types of counter-tops or flooring, make sure to replace the outdated plumbing fixtures for a whole new look. […]

5 Ways to increase the value of your house

 5 Ways to increase the value of your house You will find numerous kinds of do it yourself projects, even those that appear minor, which could considerably enhance the interior of your house, while growing its value. Many occasions, people simply won't redesign their house because they believe the work is going to be very […]

How To Design Your Own Window And Door Openings

How To Design Your Own Window And Door Openings The most common reasons for ordering customized windows are filling a non-standard window opening and creating a window that suits your design needs better than off-the-shelf solutions. There can be many things to consider when it comes to customizing your own windows and doors. We will […]

How to prepare to sell your home in Atlanta

How to prepare to sell your home in Atlanta Many homes are offered and sold every year and, while each transaction differs, every owner wants exactly the same results: the perfect results with minimal hassle and aggravation. Home selling is becoming more complicated than ever. New seller disclosure claims, longer and much more complicated contract forms, and a […]

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