6 House Selling Tips – How to Sweeten the Pot for the Buyer

There’s a secret tip in real estate market that most people don’t know about. The tip is that a real estate market, which is going towards a decline and where supply is more than demand, a house can be sold faster if the price is lowered. However, people who do know about this tip don’t make use of it because they do not want to compromise on the profits, even in a small capacity.

Lucky for you, this is not the only way to sweeten the pot for the buyer. A real estate market that is on the verge of cooling can be revived by making the house more attractive. From the interior to the exterior, following are six tips that will help you generate more buyers’ interest in your house, which will definitely lead to multiple offers:

1. Be Different From Your Neighbours

A great way to attract attention is to make your house appear a little different than the other houses on the block. Instead of going for big changes such as a roof replacement, go for small things such as custom-made windows, repainting the exterior, getting done some floral designs on the patio and adding a few amenities in the backyard such as a swimming pool or a deck. Do not do any big renovations that will cost you more because they might not get covered in the sale price. The idea here is to add custom features that are a need not luxury.

2. Improve Curb Appeal

First impression is the last impression and your home’s exterior is the first thing people notice. Therefore, when a potential buyer is coming for a walk-through, make sure that the lawn is trimmed and the pathway is washed. The cleaner the front gate looks, the more the seller will be impressed.

3. Clean the Clutter

Rule number one of selling a house is cleaning all the clutter. Buyers like to see empty spaces because they are picturing how their belongings will look like in the room. Remove all big items such as furniture and make sure that nothing personal is left outside such as family pictures, cups or medals. If you are willing to spend a couple of hundred dollars, why not consider hiring a stager.

4. Offer a Couple of After Sale Benefits

To become trustworthy in the eyes of the buyer, you can sweeten the pot by offering a credit limit for the closing cost. Another tip is to give a home warranty of about $400 that will last one year. This will cover any repairs regarding appliances such as refrigerator, air conditioner, etc. This will put the buyer at ease that they won’t face any problems after the deal is done.

5. Don’t Sell a Fixer Upper

Buyers like to move right into their new home without worrying about any repairs. So, make sure there are no plumbing or electrical problems.

6. Price it Right

As mentioned earlier, you don’t necessarily have to price the house low. Have a look at the price of the neighbouring houses that have been sold recently and then set your price accordingly. This way, if the buyer comes prepared with knowledge about the current real estate market, you will be able to negotiate with them on the price easily.

While putting your house up for sale is easy, it’s the presentation that takes much time and thought. Before putting your house on the market, why not get your house evaluated by America’s Network Reality. Enter your address here: https://www.kstrealty.com/homevaluesinsandysprings/.

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