The Art of Preparing Your House before Its Sale – Why You Should Stage

The question is: to stage… or not to stage? We all know that the process of selling a house can quickly turn into a nightmare when you keep getting offers but no call backs after the viewing. The longer the home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA stays on the market, the harder it becomes to sell. Work spreads around quickly and people assume that the reason why the house has been on the market for such a long time is because there is something wrong with it.

Here’s a scenario for you:

Jake got the news that there was going to be a new addition to their family. With his job promotion and the savings, he and his wife decided that it was time to buy a bigger house. They wanted more rooms for the baby, as they were planning a big family. They wanted a house in a district that had good schools and a community center. So, Jake decided to put up his house for sale. Instead of decluttering the house and re-arranging the furniture as they should have, they decided to schedule viewings without any staging. Lots of potential buyers visited but none called back with an offer. A month turned into two that turned into 6. Alas, they decided to sell the house at a much lower price and experienced a significant loss.

Did you know that 39% of real estate agents believe a home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA spends less time on the market when it is staged? Buyers tend to overlook other factors, when the house has been cleaned and subtly decorated.

Following are some statistics from the National Association of Realtors on staging:

  • 49% of buyers’ agents said that staging makes buyers more interested in the house they are viewing because they are impressed by the décor and maintenance
  • 77% of the buyers’ agents said that staging makes it is easy for the buyer to visualize the home as their future property
  • 44% of the buyers’ agents said that due to staging, buyers are willing to step foot in the house and view each and every room just to find out if the pictures match the actual structure
  • When it came to room importance, staging was favored 55% for the living room, 51% for the master bedroom, 41% for the kitchen, 30% for the yard, 29% for the dining room, 22% for bathroom, 12% for children’s room and 9% for guest bedroom
  • 31% of the buyers’ agents said that staging increased the house’s value from 1% to 5%
  • When it comes to staging, 25% sellers reported that they pay the price out of their pocket
  • 93% of the sellers said that decluttering the house is the best staging tip, 89% said entire home cleaning,  81% said carpet cleaning, 80% said no pets during the viewing, 75% said minor visible repairs, 68% said outdoor space and painting walls, 62% said paint touch up, 42% said grouting and 12% said miscellaneous items

So, now that you know why staging is so important for your house, better make all the necessary changes before putting up your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA. Get your house evaluated now by America’s Network Realty Group Inc. Enter your address here:

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