Tackling Pesky Staging Problems – Paint over Wallpaper

You finally found an online listing that shows your dream house. The exterior looks perfect, the inside is spacious, the rooms look clean and most important of all, this home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA falls under your budget. So, you call the seller and fix a meeting.

This is the moment of truth – now you will find out wheather the pictures spoke the truth… they rarely do though. Everything looks fine when you enter the house and you instantly fall in love with it. However, on closer inspection, you realize that the walls have wallpaper plastered and on top of it is a coat of paint.

Your heart plummets right there and you think to yourself whether the house is worth buying or not. After all, it’s just paint over wallpaper.

Here’s what we suggest: yes, you should definitely buy the house!


Because we are about to tell you how to remove this painted wallpaper.

You are probably wondering why people do this, right. Well, it’s not you, it’s them.

Why People Paint Over Wallpaper?

  • To be honest, we believe that they are just lazy and are looking for a quick fix
  • It’s an easy way to give the interior of the home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA a new look
  • Painting is much easier for them compared to stripping the wallpaper, scraping the glue and removing any stubborn residue
  • They don’t want to tackle the crumbling wall, holes and stains they might find once the wallpaper is removed
  • Crazy Aunt Martha gave the assurity that this would work
  • They had no idea that painting over wallpaper will present a great challenge for the new homeowner

How Does Paint Affect Wallpaper

So, when wallpapers are coated in paint, bad things start to happen and by that we mean: with time, you will witness an ungodly sight:

  • The paint starts to chip away
  • After a couple of years, as the paint fades, the wallpaper textures become prominent
  • The wallpaper starts to peel away from edges
  • The wallpaper develops this porous nature, which makes is stiffer and thicker. Meaning: it can no longer be soaked now for removal

How to Remove Painted Wallpaper

Alright, let’s get down to business:

  • If the walls are made of plaster, then you have a chance to protect it from damage but if it is drywall, then not so much.
  • First of all, punch holes in the painted wallpaper and then use a scoring tool to create space underneath
  • Use a steam machine (you can rent one) to remove the chemicals in the wallpaper. The steam will dissolve the glue and make it easy for you t peel off the wallpaper
  • Start from one corner and scrape your way diagonally

That’s it… if you are patient and have used the steam machine the right way; you will be able to remove the wallpaper in no time. If you are looking for a home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA that falls under your budget, then head on over to America’s Network Realty Group Inc. and find your dream house by entering just a few details.

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