Staged and Sold – 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Staging before Selling Your House

What is staging?

Staging is a process of subtle decoration, removing clutter and your personal belongings, and cleaning the house to create a good impression on the buyers.

In other ways, you can say that it is a process, which allows the buyer to “mentally move in”.

Now that you know what staging is all about, are you ready to get the first step in motion to put up your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA?

Here’s something you should know: hundreds of Americans already have their house up for sale. Some of them have been sold and some of them have been sitting on the market for months.

So, what special trick do you have in your pocket to sell your house faster, before it starts losing value?

Staging! But why?

Following are four reasons why you should invest in staging before selling your house:

1. Higher Profit Margin

A staged home spends half the time on the market as compared to a non-staged home and sells 6% above the asking price. Most people only dream about selling their house at a higher value than what they bought it for. Sure, staging means that you need to spend a few hundred dollars but it will be worth the raise in the sale price. Moreover, you can justify it to the buyer why the price is high than the other houses on the block.

2. Your House Sells Faster

As mentioned earlier, the longer your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA stays on the market, the faster its value will fall. One of the best things about staging is that it will make your house stand out on the block. Buyers will automatically gravitate towards it. This might also mean that you will get multiple offers.

3. Your Online Listing Will Look All the More Better

Today, most buyers are searching online for listings instead of hiring a real estate agent. This gives you the opportunity to entice them with your house’s online portfolio. Make sure that the pictures taken are well lighted and clear. Here are some photography tips you can try to create an eye catching portfolio.

4. You Will Make Your Money Back

Check out the market trends and find out what buyers are looking for in the houses now a days. This will give you an idea about which rooms you need to spend more money on. Do not make any unnecessary renovations and instead, go for subtle changes. The money you will put in at this stage of the process, will allow you to raise the asking price of the house without any qualms.

So, there you go… four perfectly good reasons why you should invest in staging. After all, the buyer always looks at the surface first and then delves deeper. Follow these tips next time if you want the buyers to see the beauty of your Sandy Springs home for sale. Before putting your house on the market, why not get it evaluated by America’s Network Realty Group Inc. Enter your address here:


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