Spotting Those Pesky and Sneaky Problems That Are Destroying Your House

A few major problems that most people encounter when selling their house are the telltale signs that the house hasn’t been maintained properly. Yes, we understand that you did your best but there are just some things that need more attention.

You know how buyers love to inspect every nook and cranny in the house, when you are giving them a tour. Even a lone cockroach roaming around will have them believing that your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA has an infestation. So, before the buyer arrives for the tour, we will spot a few problems that need your immediate attention, so that you can impress the buyer.

Tree Limbs Shading the House

A tall tree definitely adds a lot of character to your lawn but when the branches are hanging too low and shading the house, they become a danger. During a storm, the branches might break off and cause serious injury. Moreover, these branches are a pathway for pests like squirrels and raccoons to enter your roof through the attic and leave a mess.

Overgrown Grass

So, you regularly mow your lawn but what about the grass in your backyard? Overgrown grass creates a hideout for rodents and they lie waiting for you to open the backdoor, so that they can scurry inside. “When the mower’s away, the rodents will play!” So make sure to cover both areas during your yard maintenance round.

Flaking Paint

Staging 101 says that the first thing you should do after decluttering and cleaning your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA is paint every wall in the house. There’s shouldn’t be an area in sight where paint is peeling off from the walls. If you cover up these cracks with wallpapers, then you will be damaging the foundation of the house. In case water seeps into the walls, the house will start losing its insulation.

Pile of Wood near the House

That stack of firewood you placed outside your garage is probably the reason why you have been seeing cockroaches running around on the pavement. That’s not it because this pile creates a cozy space for termites and mice. To prevent this from happening, instead of stocking up on two months worth of firewood, limit the pile for to two days.

Treating your Lawn as a Parking Spot

Who are we tell you what you can and cannot do on your lawn, right? However, we would still like to tell you that parking on your lawn will create a dreadful cycle, which will take months for you to get out of. When cars are parked on grass, the soil caves in and the grass dies. After a few days, weeds can sprout in its place and contaminate your entire lawn. Not only will you be destroying the one space that compliments your house but will also be losing offers from multiple buyers.

Before the buyer arrives, make sure that these areas are spotless. Once you are done with the exterior, proceed to the interior. Check out our other blogs to know how to deep clean a house.

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