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Listing Your Home for Sale in Atlanta, Your First Price is the Best Price

Listing Your Home for Sale in Atlanta, Your First Price is the Best PriceIf you are listing your home for sale in Atlanta, specifically if you reside in an area of Atlanta that prices are rising and home buyers are competing for available homes, you might be enticed to list your home for the highest possible price, however, the results you get may not be what you expected.

Don't do it!!

Experienced Real estate agents will highlight that pricing  your home properly is essential to selling quick and for the most money. Studies have proven that overpricing your house then decreasing the sales price several times despite the fact that it seats on the market for too long, the results, usually are; you will end up selling your home for far less than you would have if you just had listed at the right price.

For instance, Homes that were listed and sold within the first week, typically, sells for almost the listing price, if you compare this with homes that sell in four to six months from the listing date, those homes sell for an average of 10% of the listing price, the longer the house is on the market, the lower the  sales price is going to be.

The easiest way to price your home properly

Many home sellers want to set their listing price based on the amount of money they owe to the mortgage company, or sometimes they based on the amount of money needed to move to their new home. The reality is, your home is worth only what home buyers are willing to pay. In the event you priced your home too high, the correct buyer for your home will not want to visit your home because they have been advised by their Real Estate Agent that this house is overpriced, some home buyers will simple won't make an offer

If you are talking to several real estate agents to list your home in Atlanta, you may be tempted to select the agent that suggest the highest listing price, Sellers need to be aware, that the agent that presents a comprehensive market analysis with facts and reasons why he/she is listing for that price might be the agent that can sell for highest price in the shortest amount of time.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

A comparative market analysis includes sales prices for similar nearby homes that were offered within the last number of several days. In addition, many Real estate agents include prices for houses presently available on the market which is your direct competition, furthermore, the agents shall include houses that did not sell in the last few months. Other data Real estate agents can use to point a price range include the number of days a house was available on the market at various price points along with the average between sales price and list price.

Your Real estate agent will help you estimate who may want to buy your house together with what else home buyers are expecting to get when purchasing a home in your neighborhood. A knowledgeable Real estate agent can include all aspects of the real estate condition in your area and determine if you are selling your home on a buyers market or sellers market and price your home accordingly.

Choose the best real estate professional that will assist you with the sale of your home and listen to his or her advice, this will ensure a pleasant transaction from the beginning to the end.

Telmo Bermeo is a Real Estate Associate broker serving the Atlanta metro area for over 14 years. We represent home buyers and sellers; to schedule an appointment, contact us at 770-309-6417

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