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how to sell your home

how to sell your home

How To Sell A Home

Today most of home buyers or at least 90% of them search on the Internet first. Searching homes online is easier and you can easily narrow down to the ideal home. Selling your home is no different, in order to get the most buyers, your home has to be listed online, but listing online is not enough now a days, you have to list your house with a real estate agent that is Internet marketing savvy. Most buyers make their selection based on pictures that you agent has listed online, today pictures are key to get buyers in your front door.

Listing Agreement - To sell your home with a listing agent, you have to execute a listing agreement, the listing agreement gives the right to an agent to market your home for sale. The duration of a listing agreement could be anywhere from 30 days to six month or longer, is common to have a longer listing agreement in rural areas, in urban and suburban areas a listing agreement can be from 30 to 90 days.

Listing Agent - Listing the house with a real estate agent has a big advantage, they will list your home in the MLS (multiple listing service), this is where all buyers start their home search, additionally, having your home in the MLS, assures you that your home listing will be syndicated to thousand of real estate websites, thus making it available for a large number of home buyers.

Listing your house with a local real estate agents has it advantages, we all have heard that the potential home buyer fail to purchase your home at the last minute due to poor credit or insufficient funds to close, these issues can be avoided and it will be avoided if you list your home with a professional who makes sure before you accept an offer, the buyer is properly screed for credit and is approved to obtain a mortgage loan for your house. Most real estate agents now a days pre-screen all their clients, it is costly to take clients out to view properties and later find out that they don't qualify for a loan, home sellers who list their homes by owner don't have that luxury and most cases ends up in a failure to close the purchase.

Pricing - Pricing is the main reason a home listing expires, most home sellers are in love with their home and when it come to list their home for sale they use emotion to arrive at a selling price, this would be the worst strategy when selling your home. Home sellers should suggest a selling price, however, a listing agent would have to verify if that price is in line with the current comparable, many professional real estate agents have no problem walking away from a listing that is overpriced, they know their reputation will suffer if that listing goes expired. Listing agents will provide you a comparable market analysis and will suggest the best price that the home will sell within the listing period. Don 't hesitate to interview more then one agent, we all have the same information but our selling strategies and our market abilities may be different.

Exposure - Selling a home requires exposure to large number of home buyers, to make sure your home is viewed by all home buyers in your area, you have to list your home with a real estate agent, don't rely just on craigslist, Facebook or your email list, unless you don't mind having your home for sale for a long period of time. You can always sell your home if you have unlimited time, but we all know that's no real, most sellers want to sell their home quick and for the highest amount possible.

Curve Appeal - I order to get the most out of you home, you have to make it attractive and inviting, when prospect come to your homes, you want them to spend a lot of time in your house, you want them to be comfortable, you want them to imagine how their furniture will fit in, you want then to view themselves living in your house. To achieve this, your house has to be in pristine condition at the time of showing. Items that you have to consider are the following: Yard, make sure your lawn is mowed and bushes are properly trimmed, no trash cans in your yard , no old cars, tires or items that are no longer in use.  Fresh coat of paint, if the paint in your house is old and your house is no longer looking new, if that is the case have a local painter put a new coat of paint, is not that expensive I'm sure you will get that money back.

De-cluttered your home - Before you invite home buyers into your home, remove all personal items from walls, remove all unnecessary clothing and place it in storage, make sure the house is spotless clean and smelling good. Buyers should be able to check every room including closets, if you have too much staff, buyers will more then likely no be able to see the actual size of your home and therefore will not make you and offer.

Time to Sell Your Home - Most homes sells withing the listing period, a listing period is usually 90 days , you will know if your home is going to sell within the first two weeks of listing your home. If within the first two weeks you receive a lots of visitors that is a good sign that your home is listed at a correct listing price, however, if you have not received a single visitor within the first two weeks, your home is overpriced and you need to get with your agent to review the price. The majority of home listings goes under contract in the first month and end up closing on the second or third month.

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If you are thinking of selling your house in Atlanta, contact us today, we can visit with you at your house and we will give you an honest opinion on what needs to be done before you list your house for sale. Our construction company can give you a free estimate on any work that needs to be done. Find out what is the current price of your home for free, contact our team at 770-309-6417  to get your free market analysis of your home and sell your home with confidence. Our agents can also help you determine if the house needs any repairs or updates in order to get the best possible price. Call us today.

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