How to Select Your Real Estate Agent in Atlanta?

How to Select Your Real Estate Agent in Atlanta?How to Select Your Real Estate Agent in Atlanta?

Employing a real estate agent in Atlanta to represent you is essential to your whole experience as a home seller. The agent you select will engage in planning your home selling process such as: setting the listing price, marketing your home and negotiating with potential home buyers.

Most home sellers make the same mistake of hiring your friend who has a real estate license, yes your friend may turn out to be the best real estate agent, but you ought to interview several agents before you make that decision. Remember, you will be paying a large amount of money in commissions, therefore you deserve to have the most knowledgeable real estate agent.

Selecting the Right Agent

Many home sellers select an agent based on the sale price suggestion, often the agents that suggests the highest amount gets selected, but you will be better serve by a realistic real estate agent.

Professional real estate agents have excellent communication skills, they know the ins and outs of your neighborhood and their marketing skills are among the best in the industry. You need to ask them how they plan to find buyers, what are their strategy to get the highest amount for your home. Ask them for advice on the condition of your home and what needs to be done to make your home more appealing to potential home buyers in Atlanta.

Ask your friends and neighbors about their experience with their real estate agent, ask them about how easy was to get a hold and was he returning phone calls on time, was he proactive and involved in the sales process, did he/she do open houses. All these questions will help you select the best real estate agent to sale your home in the Atlanta metro area.

List of Questions to ask your real estate agent

Listing real estate agents commonly have a listing presentation to provide to home sellers, most often in this sales presentation a variety of questions are answered, but if you are not complete satisfied, here is a short list of questions you may wan to ask your real estate agent before hiring them.

  • The number of sales you have completed in the past year?
  • What is the price range of your listings?
  • Ask them about the average listing to sales price. If the listing to sale price has too big of a gap, the agent is not listing a the right price.
  • What’s your marketing strategy for my home? Would my home be listed on syndicated websites, do you have a website that is highly ranked by search engines?
  • Do you use the services of a professional photographer and a professional stagger?
  • Do you provide advice to home owners on the condition of the house, if so, do you have contacts with local contractors?
  • How often do I expect to hear from you and do you communicate via email, phone or text?
  • Do you provide feed back as potential home buyers visit my home?

These and other questions should be asked to all potential agents interested in listing your home.

How to set the Price

The most crucial conversation you’ll have together with your agent is about the price of your home. The agent you select should provide you with a complete marketing analysis that includes a list of current homes for sale and a list of homes that have sold within the last six months, these list of homes should be somewhat similar to your home. You and your agent will come up with the actual price of your home based on the market conditions and the condition of your home. The expertise of your real estate agent will help you determine the correct sales price of your home.

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