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How to market your home for sale in Sandy SpringsHow to market your home for sale in Sandy Springs

1. What’s the minimal you need to get from the sale

Get an understanding of what your house could sell for. A quick search on the internet for homes that sold in your neighborhood could give you an idea of what homes are selling for in your area. To compare sales prices of current homes for sale in your community, visit all open houses.  To confirm the sales price of the most recent homes in your area, request a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) from one of our agents, this will give you an accurate representation of the current value of your home. After you have an idea of the value of your home, be sure to deduct enough money to cover Real Estate commissions and closing cost, this could be as much as 9%. This will give you the bottom number that you need to sell your home for.

2. Renting vs. Selling

If you can rent your home for more then your current monthly payment— and you don't mind being a landlord — and you can buy a new home without selling your old one, then you should consider renting your current home rather then selling it. Look at rentals in your area to get an idea of how much your home could get per month. Most lenders say that rents have to be at least 25% higher than your mortgage payment for you to make money because of vacancy, taxes, and repairs.

Your decision to rent or sell your home should be based on your financial situation, if you will need the sales proceeds to buy your New Home , your only choice will be to sell  your current home, if in the other hand you don’t need those proceeds to purchase your new home, then you could look at renting your house. Other items to consider will: the current rental market in your area, can you handle becoming a Landlord, what are the current and projected home prices in your area.

3. Select an Real Estate Agent

Selecting a good real estate agent may include some homework. When interviewing an agent ask questions about their marketing skills, how they generate their leads, how long does it take to sell their listings, what are the selling commissions they charge, are they full time Real Estate agents. These are some of the questions you need to know before hiring a real estate agent in Sandy Springs. Many agents use the high sales price tactic to get a listing, stay away from agents that offer to sell your home for an unrealistic sales price, or agents that charge you a flat fee to list the house and a small commission at the time of sale. Usually these type of agents are only after the flat fee, once they have collected the flat fee to list the house for sale, they don’t have any motivation to keep working on your listing.

An agent that knows your area will provide you an accurate market report showing the current market value of your home, these agents will not over or under price your home and since they are commission based, they have a real motivation to sell your home.

4. Is this the right time to sell your home?

Most homes sales happens in the Spring season

Listing you r home for sale during the spring season has the heights possibility of selling. 39% of homes listed in the spring sold within 30 days and 15% of them sold for more than the listing  price. Even though springs is the best time to list your home for sale, a home can be sold on any season as long as the home is: in a great location, in good condition, and at reasonable sale price.

5. Set the Stage

When listing a home for sale, first impressions is a most, be aware that you only have few second to impress potential home buyers. The first impression will come from your curve appeal, having a well landscaped yard, shrubs properly trimmed, and a yard free of any debris will convince buyers  to visit the inside of your house, if the home buyers made to the inside of your house, this is one point in your favor. Now you have to impress them even more, your house needs to be de-clutter, very clean, looking and smelling good, pets have to be taking away, buyers have to have access to all rooms including garage and basement if you have one. Buyers that spent more than 15 minutes in your house are more likely interested, to know if a visitors is interested in your home, contact your listing agent, listing agents usually get feedback from the buyer's agents.

6. Do I have to remodel or renovate my house to sell?

The short answer is no. Your home just need to be in a great condition. All mechanical items needs to be in operational condition, carpets needs to be steamed clean specially if you have pets or you smoke, a fresh coat of pain in your walls always helps. The only time I would recommend to do a renovation is when your kitchen or bathroom is severely outdated, in most cases when you do this type of renovation, you will get your investment back upon selling your home.

7. Get Professional Home Photos

When listing a home with an agent, you have to ask this question, Do you hire a professional photographer to take pictures? If the answer is no I do it myself, you may have to think twice about hiring this agent to list your home for sale. Good pictures are a critical factor in selling your home quickly and for the best money. Studies have shown that home listings with professional pictures sells faster than those listings with amateur pictures. When you list a home with a kstrealty agent, we always hire professional photographers to take pictures.

8. Don’t Overprice your home

One of the first steps in getting the right price for your home is getting a comparative market analysis to identify all your local area home sales. The report should only show sales that has happen within the last six months. In order to give you a good idea of home prices, we recommend you visit all open houses in your neighborhood to see what your competition looks like. When listing your home for sale and have doubts about the sales price, start with the lowest price, if your price is low, you will get multiple offers and chances are, one of them will offer you more than the listed price. Now, if you overprice, the home may sit on the market for months forcing you to reduce to the price that should have been listed in the first place.

9. Marketing Your Home Online

When you list your home with a real estate agent, the first thing the agent will do is load the listing in your local MLS (Atlanta FMLS). Your local MLS will immediately syndicate your listing to all major real estate websites such as Realtor, Zillow, Trulia and others. The information about your house that is syndicated has to be accurate and have to have professional pictures, so prospect can see exactly what your home looks like; this will generate a lot of interest and may potentially bring a buyer to your home.

10. Hold an Open House

Upon listing your home for sale, it is recommended you do an open house, if possible do the open house the first week you listed your home for sale, as studies have shown that a home listed at the right price tend to sale in the first 30 days of the listing. Before you do an open house, make sure all items of value are safely stored away and the house is neatly clean, plant some flowers and bake some cookies for your visitors.

Your Agent will create a sign-in sheet to make sure he follows up with all potential home buyers. The open houses that generate the most visitors are done on a Sunday between 1:00pm and 4:00pm

11. Act on Your Feedback

After you have listed your home for sale in Sandy Springs, potential home buyers will start visiting your home, the buyer’s agent will provide feedback to your agent, be sure to request all feedback from your agent, if many agents are providing the same feedback, act on it. Once you have completed, be sure to notify your agent so he can pass that information to the Buyer’s agent. If the feedback involves a major repair or renovation, be sure to figure out the costs to do those repairs and offer an allowance to your buyer, sometimes buyers prefer an allowance so they can make the repairs themselves and save that money.

Are you ready to sell your home in Sandy Springs?

If you are ready to list your home for sale in Sandy Springs, call one of our local agents for an appointment, we can visit with you and provide you our marketing strategies to sell your sandy Springs home. If you are unsure of the current value of your home, we can provide you a Comparative Market Analysis that will show the price of the most recent sales in your neighborhood, we can also advice you on what items needs to be replaced or repaired. We will look at the overall condition of your house, go over the market analysis and give you the price the home will sell fast and for the most money.

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