House Sale Staging Tips – 5 Ways to Attract Buyers

Staging is tricky business. You need to give attention to every room and corner in your house to determine how best you can decorate to entice the buyer into placing an offer. The house must look inviting and warm, so that the buyer gets a homely feeling from it. Staging allows you to boost the value of your house, which speeds up its sale process.

Buyers like to envision their belongings placed in the house, which means that your first step should be to remove all your personal belongings. Do not leave anything outside that might distract the buyer from seeing the true beauty of the house. Your aim here should be to make your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA look brighter, bigger and desirable.

Let’s have a look at the top five tips that will help you attract buyers:

1. A Clean Slate

Once you have gotten rid of all the clutter, it’s time to clean the house. Buyers don’t like musty smells permeating the house and are most likely to leave it in just a few minutes. From the kitchen counter top to the cupboards and the light switch covers, scrub and wipe everything. Large surfaces must be squeaky clean, so that when the buyer touches anything, their fingertips don’t come back coated with dust. Lastly, wash the walls and floor, and deodorize the carpet.

2. Scale Back on the Furniture

The more furniture in a room, the more packed it looks. Do not just remove a cupboard or table here and there and be done with it. Ideal furniture staging is a sofa set and small table in the living room, dining table in the hall, perfectly-made bed and side tables in the bedroom and a completely empty attic. The living room or the dining table is the place where most of the negotiations take place, so make sure this place is sparkling clean.

3. Add Color to the Rooms

A great way to give the rooms a fresh and new look is to re-paint the walls. Choose the right shade for every room and then accessorise them with throw pillows and a vibrant afghan on the couch, a comforter on the bread spread, a bowl of fruits on the dining table, a plate of cookies and a coffee pot on the kitchen counter and potted plants on the windowsills. Do you see the theme here? Subtle and soft… this is the look you should be going for when putting up your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA.

4. Snazzy Entrance

Trim the hedges, mow the lawn, turn the sprinklers on 30 minutes before the showing, paint the front door a vibrant color, retouch the fence with white paint and place a plant with bright flowers near the welcome mat. Little details make a huge difference and a snazzy entrance always captures the attention of buyers.

5. Set the Scene

The last step is to place the final touches such as light the fireplace (if you have one), set the dining table with cutlery and a centerpiece, change the curtains, light a few scented candles, open one or two windows to let the light in and brew a fresh pot of coffee. Light, refreshing smells will put the buyer in a good mood, which works in your favour. Welcoming gestures will go a long way in convincing buyers that this home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA is the right fit for them.

Now that you know the value of staging, you will do a better job when selling your house. Want to know the current value of your house? To make sure that your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA falls in the right category that buyers are looking for, get it appraised from America’s Network Reality.

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