Holiday Décor Tips for Selling Your House

Are you one of those people who like to keep the Christmas decoration up for the entire month of January? While Christmas is over, you still have two things to celebrate: New Year and new beginnings.

During this time of the year, most people are busy looking for a house so that they can have a fresh start in a new place. So how do you go about putting up your home for sale in Atlanta, Sandy Springs? Here’s a crazy yet brilliant idea: why not use all that Christmas décor to attract more buyers!

Before tweaking the decoration for an open house or private tour, you need to do a few things.

Create a Quality Listing

It’s New Year and people are probably going to be busy with holiday shopping and family gatherings. Most of their time is spent online looking at listings, which is why the listing you post online should be perfect. It should contain pictures taken from DSLR camera and in-detail information about the layout of the house with price quote written in plain sight. These photos will help you lure more buyers, and they will appreciate your attention to detail.

Let’s start with the décor tips:

Use the Holiday Decoration as Best as You Can

Keep the garland and extra lights in place and remove the stockings from the fireplace, but do place family pictures on the mantle. While stagers advise against leaving personal belongings out in the open, this holiday décor strategy gives the house a warm look. Hang a wreath on the front door, but do take down the exterior lights. You don’t want to go overboard.

Be Flexible with the Timing

We understand that you will be busy too with family gatherings but since you are the one selling the house, you need to keep the tour schedule open. Squeeze the buyer in whatever time slot you can, but do not deny him or her. Make sure that the house is clean and the décor doesn’t cover the aesthetic characteristics of the room.

Keep the House Move-In Ready

When buyers are looking at homes for sale in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, they want one that is move-in ready. Meaning: it doesn’t require any cleaning, the documents are ready, and the buyer can simply move in their belongings as soon as the check reaches the seller’s hand. Make sure that the staging doesn’t involve big furniture items such as wardrobes or cabinets.

Don’t Forget the Curb Appeal

What is the one thing that presents a dirty sight in winter? Blocked gutters! So the day before the showing, get the gutters cleaned. Next, make sure that the grass is mowed to the right height, the light bulbs on the porch and deck are not flickering, and there’s a clean welcome mat at the front door.

And that’s how you use Christmas decoration to stage your house for sale. Before putting up your home for sale in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, get it evaluated by America’s Network Realty Group Inc. Enter your address here:

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