Emergency Food supply


Making sure that you and your family survive a disaster is about planning. I know you have considered that extreme weather conditions or earthquakes are disasters but what about riots or strikes or financial strife?


The supply chain to supermarkets and general stores is the first to be affected after a manmade or natural disaster that will leave them short of produce.People will hoard food at the first sign of an interruption in supply or thoughts that there may be shortages which will empty stores faster.


Making sure that you keep sufficient food resources in the house in case of any emergency is essential to safeguard your family. We all agree car and house insurance is essential so what about making sure about food supply with food insurance?


There are methods of preparing cooked foods, like freeze dried food, that will allow it to be stored for up to 25 years without loss of taste or nutrition. Even if you have no way of heating water you can rehydrate this precooked food with cold water and eat as soon as it is ready.There is a large range of prepared meals that are available including deserts!


Many people living in areas of extreme weather, like hurricanes and tornados, will purchase 3-6 months of emergency food to store away in case of emergency. Most however will admit that really they buy it to use on a daily basis because they love the taste and convenience. Communities out in the countryside miles away from any stores or supermarkets will buy this type of food because it lasts well.As it lasts for 25 years they tend to order a year or more supply in one go and have it delivered for convenience.

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