Deep Cleaning – Secrets of a Sparkling House

You just got a call from a potential buyer that they will be coming by your house next week for a tour. As you hear the click from the other end, you look around the house and realize what a mess it is. How do you expect the buyer to see the features of the house, when there’s a fine layer of dust everywhere? Plus, the doggy smell that permeates the house will destroy the experience of the buyer for sure.

Why is that stagers insists that you deep clean your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA before renting furniture for the décor? It’s because the beauty of the house and your artful staging will mean nothing if the buyer places his hand on a table and it comes back up with dust on it!

Following are some areas that you might overlook during cleaning:

Light Fixtures

Do you know why your light fixtures are casting shadows when you turn on the light? It’s because of all those dead bug bodies that by now have created a sticky and disgusting mess. So, unscrew the light fixtures and clean them thoroughly with soap and water. As the fixtures are drying, sweep a cloth over the bulbs to remove any dust and then screw back the fixtures.

Vacuum Heat Vents

Heat vents accumulate dust like crazy. You can see the thick layer of dust from afar. They are also good receptacles for missing buttons and coins. No matter where the vents are located, pluck them, remove all the dirt and foreign objects and then give the cover a good wash.

Weather Stripping

The weather stripping on windows and doors look awful when they are disintegrating or curling out. Instead of using your glue gun to put the pieces back together, strip them down and apply new ones. A roll of 16 ft vinyl stripping costs $15, which will cover all the windows and doors in your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA.

Switch Plates

You don’t need to replace switch plates unless you are trying to match them with the fancy décor of the house. Instead of just wiping the plate from above, unscrew it and then vacuum inside. It might sound a little OCD to you but this dust is what destroys the system from inside over time. If the plate is chipped or broken, you can get the plain ones in the market for $2.

Polish Hardware

Here’s what you can use to make your hardware look as clean as new:

  • First, wipe all the hardware with a microfiber cloth

Use the following agents to polish the hardware:

  • Brass door hinges, cabinet knobs and handles: Wright’s Brass cleaner
  • Stainless steel knobs and glass: Dish soap
  • To clean hard-to-reach corners, use a Q-tip dipped in the solution

Stove Drip Pans

If you are planning to leave the stove behind for the new homeowners, then don’t forget to replace the drip pans. They are not worth scrubbing and you will be wasting your time cleaning them with all the grease and gunk they have accumulated over the years. A drip pan costs $3. As a good gesture, leave a few new ones behind.

There you have it… the places you don’t know you should clean. Deep cleaning assures that the buyer will not find any fault with the home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA. It’s something on the surface but makes them trust you that if you have put in so much effort for cleaning the house, then the house is surely in good condition. Before putting your house on the market, why not get your house evaluated by America’s Network Reality Group Inc. Enter your address here:

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