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What is the current price of your Home?

What is the current price of your Home?

What is the current price of your Home?

What is the current price of your home? Pricing your home is one of the most important part of selling your home. You will either never get to sell your home or end up selling it so cheap that you could have even bough a car with the fair amount. Home is one of the biggest investments of anyone’s life and it also cost quite a lot. So you need to be wise when it comes to such a big decision as if the deal is not in your favor this doesn’t mean you are losing hundred or two dollars it means you will be in a loss of thousands of dollars. You could be able to pay a college fee, buy a car and some luxury vacations, etc.

If you price is too high no one will ever buy it and you will just end up sitting for years with nothing in hand. So it is extremely important to know how what is the current price of your home before listing it for sale. Here are a few tips that can help you know what is the current price of your house.

Use an Online Tool

There are many online Property value calculator tools that are very easy to use and completely free. They might not be able to give you exact price of your house but still it’s a good place to start. There are many free tools like Zillow, Domania, RealEstate and Eppraisal, etc. which you can use to get the estimation. You can just take price from multiple such calculators and take an average to get better results. They will only provide you a starting point the real price might not even be near it as these tools can never provide a walkthrough view price estimation. You can also search for terms as “Atlanta homes for sale” and see for how much other houses are being sold to get an idea.

Get help from Appraisers and Agents

When you need to get an estimate of your house it is time to get some help from a professional. Real estate agents can help you know the right price of your home. Why should you get help from a professional? Well, it is completely free! Yes, many of the agents offer free walk-through and CMA for your house. You can just avail their service for free to know how much your house is worth, and to be more accurate you can get 3 CMAs from different agents and take an average. However you should know that some agents might offer a high listing price that may seem too good to be true, well it is.

You can also just go straight to an Appraiser, however, you will also have to pay them for their advice. They will tell your current market value of your house and also provide you some advice to get a even better price. Our team of Real Estate professional can tell you at no cost "What is the current price of your home" today, just give us a call, we can schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Prospect Sellers

If you are thinking of selling your house in Atlanta, contact us today, we can visit with you at your house and we will give you an honest opinion on what needs to be done before you list your house for sale. Our construction company can give you a free estimate on any work that needs to be done. Find out what is the current price of your home for free, contact our team at 770-309-6417  to get your free market analysis of your home and sell your home with confidence. Our agents can also help you determine if the house needs any repairs or updates in order to get the best possible price. Call us today.

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