Bedroom – The Most Important Room In Your House and How to Stage It

The one room that buyers automatically gravitate towards is the bedroom. From room size to how the rented furniture fits in the space, window placement, curtains and how the paint compliments décor, these are all the features that buyers look closely at to visualize how their belongings will look in the same space.

The bigger the room, the more furniture you can decorate it with. Usually, a bedroom contains a bed set and if there isn’t a separate closet, then an armoire. Some people like to create a sitting corner if they don’t have a window seat. Shelves, a writing desk and drawers are next on the list but are seldom found in the bedroom if the house is big and contains designated rooms such as office room or library.

Let’s have a look at some of the features in the bedroom that you can use to stage your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA perfectly:

Bedroom Furniture

Your nights and mornings, when you are most at east, are spent in the bedroom. To add elegance and charm to the bedroom, you need to decorate it subtly, so that the buyer can see how roomy the space is. This is going to be the next owner’s personal space and the way you decorate it will determine whether the buyer will buy your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA or not.

· Canopy Bed

First up is the canopy bed. Did you know that canopy beds were used in the medieval times by lords? This bed style is simple and does not contain any fancy embellishments. You can dress the bed with light and airy nets or muslin cloths for a soft look. You can even top it off with gauzy panels.

· Daybed

Another classic find is the daybed. If you are going for a peaceful and comfortable look, then swap the sitting corned with a daybed. It gives the room a French countryside flair. For a more a fancy look, add some colorful throw pillows and place a rug at the bottom.

· Antiques

An antique dresser in one corner or a vintage trunk in the other will really go well with the theme. The good thing about antique pieces is that you can use about absolutely anything and not worry about it fitting with the other furniture pieces.

Luxury Bedding

There are dozens of fabric to choose from for your bedding. Different patterns and textures allow you to create your own style.

· Silk Bedding

In the mood for something luxurious? Silk is the cloth of kings and queens that has this royal feel to it. It makes the bedding stand out and gives you friction less sleep.

· Linen Bedding

This cloth material allows you to create a lived-in look. Its classic and the neutral colors give the room a homey feeling.

· Cable Knit Bedding

This bedding material goes beyond the soft throw look. It gives the bed that comfy and cozy look that makes you want to jump in and cuddle with your partner. This luxury bedding style will definitely tug on the heart strings of the buyers.

Bedroom Décor

Let’s add a little charm to the room with the following décor:

· Quilts on Throws

Find them as colorful as you like and place them on the bed, window seat and daybed.

· Candles and Flowers

Flowers in a water bowl one bedside table and a few scented candles on the other bedside. This is what we call the “enticing look”.

Use these tips to prepare your house for buyers and you will their eyes pop out as they will take in the beauty and elegance of the room. Before putting up your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA on the market, why not get your house evaluated by America’s Network Reality Group Inc. Enter your address here:

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