A Small Guide to Home Inspection

It’s important to get as much information as you can when you are buying a home for sale in Sandy springs, GA. After all, before making such a big investment, you need to be sure that you are making the right decision.

Not all home inspectors are regulated by the state’s Real Estate Commission. Before hiring a home inspector, do ask for their credentials. Luckily, Georgia does not fall into one of these categories. Yes, home inspectors in Sandy Springs are licensed through the Georgia Real Estate Commission

Now, let’s come to the real question at hand: Home Inspection.

Following is a small guide that will educate you on the home inspection process:

What is Home Inspection?

The visual examination of your house starting from the structural base and expanding to every room, by a licensed and trained inspector is called a home inspection. Sometimes, in their haste to buy the house before the seller goes to another buyer from the multiple offers, people let go of home inspection.

This is a huge mistake in the home buying process!

Without home inspection, you are opening yourself up to thousands of dollars repair bills that might put you into debt. Imagine that after buying a home for sale in Sandy springs, GA, where you passed on the home inspection, you find out that the plumbing system has a huge leak. Now, along with your monthly mortgage payments, utility and electricity bills, and other bills, you have to pay for the plumbing repair.

The budget that you had carefully planned to keep everything in order is now out of control and you are falling behind on some of the payments.

Are you following so far?

And that is why a home inspection is necessary.

What Is Covered Under a Home Inspection?

The home inspection involves looking at the roof, foundation, attic, windows, ceilings, doors, porch, deck, air conditioning, heating, electricity connections, plumbing system and possibly every nook and cranny that can result in a breakdown.

The home inspector follows a process for the inspection where he examines areas that are accessible and visible. He is not required to climb ladders and check the padding of the roof or move appliances. Visible cracks will be noted down in the report but he won’t lift slabs and examine what’s causing the damage. All in all, everything that is reported by the inspector must be fixed by the seller. If the seller has lied on his home inspection report then you can withdraw the offer and get your deposit back.

What about the Repairment of the Defects?

Once the inspector has given you the report, now it’s up to you to negotiate with the seller. Remember, the home inspector will only report the defects. It is then your responsibility to find the cause behind the defects and tell the seller about the repairs that need to be done.

So, after placing an offer on the house, the first thing you should do is hire a home inspector. Need to get the home for sale in Sandy springs, GA appraised? Head on over to America’s Network Realty Group Inc. and get a quick appraisal from experts.

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