7 Homeowner Insurance Purchasing Tips for First-Time Buyers

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Severe weather, theft, fire or even something as small as a broken pipe… these problems can turn your life upside-down. Moreover, you are looking at damages worth thousands of dollars, which can break you financially. Fortunately, homeowners have a safety cocoon they can buy to protect their house: homeowner’s insurance policy.

This insurance policy does not just cover the home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA but the belongings in it too. In case of accidental damage or any natural disasters, you can claim insurance to repair your house.

Areas Covered in Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

  • Roof
  • Windows
  • Personal belongings
  • Structure
  • Furniture
  • Liability for any injury or damage caused by your pet or you
  • Liability for all non-residents who might get injured on your property

You have to carefully choose a home insurance policy because some of them do not cover the following things:

  • Malfunctioning of appliances and systems
  • Acts of War
  • Earthquakes
  • Floods
  • Slow Leaks
  • Neglect or Aging
  • Power Failures
  • Faulty Repairs

7 Homeowner Insurance Purchasing Tips

You are probably wondering that with so many disasters not covered in the home insurance policy, how do you protect your house. Following are seven tips that will help you purchase the right home insurance policy that covers most of the disasters:

1. Prioritize Value and Service

Always ask for recommendations from your family, friends and neighbors when shopping for an insurance provider. Have they ever filed an insurance claim? What kind of response did they get? Don’t go for the cheapest policy. Read online reviews and then make your decision based on the information you have gathered.

2. Choosing Level of Coverage

It’s possible that the repair cost might be higher than the original construction cost of the structure. So, take into account the home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA value, market factors, its unique features, construction cost and building codes.

3. Look into Additional Coverage

Those areas we mentioned earlier that weren’t covered can be bought under additional coverage. Check out the premiums for including these things and then make your decision based on the cost.

4. Decide on “Actual Cash Value” or “Replacement Cost”

It’s simple: actual cash value will pay you enough money to purchase a brand new item in replacement of the one that was damaged and replacement cost will cover the depreciated value, so that you can buy the same damaged item. The later policy requires a bigger premium but the payout will also be bigger.

5. Pay a Higher Deductible

A higher deductible means lower premiums. Depending on your financial situation, strike a balance for a low and affordable premium.

6. Combine Insurance Coverage Policies

Instead of buying separate policies for automobile, home and other things, get them from one insurer. This will get you a significant discount.

7. Reassess the Policy Every Year  

Don’t put the policy on autopilot for annual renewal. At the end of the year, consider the factors that have changed and then find out if other companies are offering a lower premium and better features.

Depending on your financial stability, buy the insurance policy when you have surveyed the home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA. After getting a home inspection, get the house re-evaluated to find out whether the house is worth buying or not and then buy the insurance policy. Visit America’s Network Realty Group Inc. and get an accurate evaluation from experts.


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