5 Things That Might Bring Your Home’s Sale Value

Thinking about selling your house?

You might have come up with dozens of ideas on what to keep and what to replace. When it comes to market value, there are certain things that increase the sale value of the house. The first thing that people think of doing is renovations. While renovation does bring in the big bucks, sometimes, it also brings down the price of your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA.

The problem arises when the buyer comes in for a quick look and finds it lacking compared to the comps. Since most of the deals are based on comps and the current trends going around the area, it’s important that you keep the essence of the house and work more on making the place shine.

Following are five changes that most homeowners make the mistake of doing and tank the price of their home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA:

1. Tearing Out the Old Architectural Features

Tin ceiling tiles, custom millwork, mid-century brick walls and fancy archways add character to your house. Often, homeowners believe that remodeling these areas will bring in multiple buyers. However, these details are quite unique and might only be found in one out of ten houses. These are the features that put you at the top of the list and removing them might actually rob you of a small percent of bonus sale money.

2. Not Changing Your Old-Fashioned Thermostat

Today, SMART thermostats are all the rage. They are easily programmable and save energy, as well as money. You can be at work and the air conditioner will automatically turn on, at the right time. This way, when you will come to the house, the temperature will be to your liking. A SMART thermostat costs around $150 and can help you save $145 annually, which means it’s practically free.

3. Putting a Cement Brick in the Toilet

Toilets that are older than 1980, use a lot of water during a flush. While most of the houses now have modern, water saving toilets, you might find the 1980’s toilet in some old houses. There’s an old trick that decreases water use by placing a brick in the toilet. However, the problem here is that this block of cement will break due to constant water exposure, which will block your drainage pipe. A new toilet costs $350, which is a much better choice than paying thousands of dollars on plumbing.

4. Watering Grass in the Evening

If you have an open house the next day, then do not water the grass in the evening. Without any sun to dry this patch of land, the grass will become a muddy mess. Water the grass early in the morning, so that when the buyer arrives, it is dry and glistening in the sun.

5. Cleaning Windows When the Sun Is Out

Cleaning the windows in broad daylight will cause smears on the glass, which are not at all appealing. Save this task for the afternoon.

The key to making sure that your house’s real value shines is to make adjustments rather than renovations. You never know that the feature you just took out would have appealed to the buyer. Before putting your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA on the market, get your house evaluated by America’s Network Realty Group Inc. Enter your address here: https://www.kstrealty.com/homevaluesinsandysprings/

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