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With the real estate prices on the rise, most of the property investors are thinking about putting their homes for sale in Brookhaven, Ga. If you also own a home in the region and have decided to sell the property, you should first consider making home improvements that will make your residence look sharp in the eyes of the buyers.

Not all home renovation adds value to a property. In fact, some may even make it difficult to sell the house at the asking price. That’s why it’s important that you know about the home improvements that will add significant value to the property.  Below is a checklist of home improvements tasks that will help increase the value of your property.

1. Increase Natural Light

Rooms that look dark and cramped are not good when it comes to selling the home. People that want to buy home in Brookhaven, Ga would be willing to pay top dollars (or at least the asking price) for a house with rooms that are brightly lit by natural light.

Consider installing larger windows to brighten up the space. Also, vaulted ceilings can help create the illusion spaciousness. Skylights can also help boost natural light inside the rooms.

2. Breath a New Life to the Kitchen

Kitchen is king when it comes to making the house look sharp and attractive. Home buyers of all types focus on the kitchen, but it holds a greater sway over the first time home buyers. Most of them are looking for a modern kitchen that features quartz countertops, laminate or granite floors, and stylish cabinets.  You can spend as little as $5,000 for a kitchen renovation project that you can easily recoup when selling the house. This could potentially bump the sale price by as much as 3 to 7 percent.

3. Upgrade the Bathroom

A bathroom that looks trendy and new will instantly boost the property value in the eyes of prospective buyers. So, updating the look of the bathroom is important if you want to sell a home in Brookhaven, Ga. The bathroom renovating project need not be expensive. Just by installing tiles in the shower area or replacing outdated cabinet and faucets with new ones can quickly increase the appeal of the room. If you have knowledge of DIY renovation, the bathroom renovation can be extremely cost effective.

4.  Improve Curb Appeal

Another advice to improve the house’s value selling it is to focus on improving the landscape and curb appeal. A first good impression can add up to five percent to the house value. You can achieve this focusing on the exterior paint, pavement, and lawn area. Adding a deck with some nice furniture can also improve the curb appeal and the value of the house when you sell a home in Brookhaven, Ga.

5.  Paint the House

Paint is still the most potent way to make the house look its best. When it comes to painting the house, it’s best that you do an entire makeover instead of painting just the high traffic areas. The reason is that people will notice the combination of old and new paint that will be a bummer when it comes to selling a house.

For professional help in selling the house in Brookhaven, GA, you can contact America’s Network Realty Group. Established by an REA licensed broker Telmo Bermeo, the company has been serving with complete integrity and dedication for over two decades. You can list your house for sale in Brookhaven Multiple Listing Service and quickly connect with qualified buyers. Call 770-309-6417 now to connect with an expert real estate professional to sell your house in Brookhaven, GA.

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