4 Outdoor Projects That Can Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal and Value

When you first bought your new house, you went a little crazy while shopping. It’s understandable that you wanted to create a safe haven that would be both comfortable and beautiful. That new shower you installed with 12 side jets is hard to get out of, right? That hidden door that leads to your office is pretty amazing… makes you feel like you are in a 007 movie. You spent so much time on taking care of the interior that now when the time has come to sell the house, the exterior is screaming for attention.

Everyone knows that the first impression is the last impression, which means that the buyers will find your curb appeal severely lacking. Making sure the plants are watered is one thing and leaving the driveway with skid marks on it and a broken fence is poor neglect.

Every house has a potential curb appeal. All it needs is a little coaxing to bring out the beauty. Following are four projects that will help you add curb appeal and bring in a hefty profit on your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA:

1. Replace or Add Value-Boosting Landscaping Basics

Basic landscaping designs need to be switched or replaced every now and then to give the place a new look. If you can invest so much money on revamping your wardrobe, then why not spend a few hours replacing items in the garden, to give it a magazine-perfect look.

Here are some of the basics that must be present:

  • Stone planters (6 by 2 feet)
  • Flagstone walkway
  • A tree, at least 15 ft tall (You can always wild shrubs in the garden, if you don’t have a tree in the front yard)
  • Few flowering shrubs
  • Quality mulch

A makeover for your front yard and adding a small bed of garden can be a bit costly but the payback on both of them is worth it!

2. Cleanup the Garden

If you like gardening, then you know how difficult it can be to maintain all the plants. Buyers don’t like to see dead plants or weeds, so make sure that the garden is all rosy and colorful. The good thing is, the money you put in the garden, guarantees 100% ROI. This is because a garden paints a quaint picture and is the ultimate curb appeal.

3. Build a Deck

A small little place to enjoy the afternoon breeze or sunbathe in the morning is something that attracts every buyer. Building a deck can be very expensive but you will recoup 80% of the value in the sale. The plus side of building a deck is that buyers, especially those with big families can picture themselves having Sunday brunches or evening cookouts, which is what forces them to compete for the house.

4. Lawn Maintenance

The more you take care of your lawn, the less you will have to spend on it when the time comes to put up your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA. There are just four rules to lawn maintenance:

  • Rake
  • Weed
  • Aerate
  • Fertilize

This will help you get a barefoot-friendly and a lush lawn.

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