4 Myths That First Time Homebuyers Fall For (Part 2)

There’s no foolproof guide to buying a house. What may have worked for one buyer, doesn’t mean will work the same way for another buyer. Every seller is looking for a way to make a profitable sale on their home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA and that means lying on the home inspection report.

When you will set out on the journey to buy a house, you will meet people from all walks of life. Some will share their wisdom with you and some will scare you with rumors that they had heard from their friends. It’s the latter that buyers start to believe and then end up in hot waters. These so called myths stop you from buying a good house, which is in perfect condition.

Previously, we had talked about how roof vents are needed in all seasons, how you don’t need a warranty if the old one has ended, how you shouldn’t mow your grass extra short and how a leak in the main water line is your problem and not the water company’s responsibility.

Following are four more myths that you need to be aware of before you set out for house hunting:

Myth #5

If I Want, I Can Paint My Mailbox or Remove a Tree

You saw your neighbor yelling “Timber!” and you thought it would be a great idea to follow suit. The next day, you cut down the tree in your backyard and on a whim, painted your mailbox a bright green. Be ready because you are about to get a fine for this. You cannot make changes to your property as you please, unless you have the go-ahead from the homeowner’s association (HOA). So, before making any renovations, check out the HOA rules, file for the right paperwork and then wait for the approval.

Myth #6

My Plumbing Line Got Clogged and My Friend Advised Me to Pour Drain Cleaner Down It

The problem with drain cleaners is that the acidic content in it will wear away the pipe from the inside. This will cause a bigger problem, where you might have to stop using your bathroom and kitchen for weeks, until the drainage pipe is changed. Instead of using a drain cleaner, use a drain snake or an electrical auger to clear the pipes. Next, install a screen in the sinks to prevent the pipes from clogging again.

Myth #7

The Tree in My Neighbor’s Yard Fell in My Backyard. This Is His Fault, So He Will Pay For the Damages

This is a matter best dealt by the insurance company. While the company will restore your property, it will need proof that your neighbor neglected on the maintenance, before taking the matter further. So, don’t go yelling at your neighbor until the insurance company has done its investigation.

Myth #8

If Reroof Over the Old Shingles, I Can Save My Money and Time

This move is not at all wise. If you find that the home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA you are looking at has a bad roof and the home inspection also proves it then ask the seller to replace the roof. The foundation of the roof has been damaged, which means that the sheathing underneath has gone weak. One heavy rain and the entire roof will cave down. So, beware!

You are now fully equipped with all the information one needs to buy a house. So, leave these myths behind and focus on what we have advised. To get your house evaluated by America’s Network Realty Group Inc., enter your address here: https://www.kstrealty.com/homevaluesinsandysprings/.


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