3 Things to Consider Before Buying a House

Anyone will tell you that before buying a home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA, you need to do your homework on the real estate market. The fact is that this market is changing constantly and you can’t jump the gun the moment you see a house that matches your dream house. Unbiased advice from friends and family will only pull you down. This is not a process that you should follow based on testimonials and reviews.

After looking at hundreds of listings online, you finally found the house you truly like. The asking price is within your budget and you feel that with a negotiation session with the seller, you will be able to settle on a deal that will benefit both you and the seller. However, before you call the seller for a meeting you need to be familiar with all that is going on in the current market, so that you don’t make a rash decision.

Following are three questions that you need to ask yourself before buying a house:

1. Are You Ready to Become a Homeowner?

Set finances aside for a minute. Now, why are you buying the house?

Are you expecting a new addition in your family?

Do you not feel safe in the neighborhood you are living anymore?

Are you looking for a better school system for your kids?

Whatever the reason may be, it needs to be something that you strongly feel about. Buying a home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA is a big decision, so you need to be sure that you can handle being a homeowner.

2. Where Is the Current Market Headed?

The bad news is that the current home price rose by $5,500 last month. The inventory is steady and buyers have their pick of the house but the rise in prices has made it impossible for buyers to pursue their dreams. Houses remain on the market for far too long, which makes it difficult for the seller to maintain with the keep-up. So, if you find a house that is slightly above your budget, then do consider whether you can afford it or not. The longer you take to make a decision, the faster another buyer will swoop and steal the deal.

3. Will I Be Able to Afford the Mortgage?

Are you familiar with the long term costs of buying a house? From maintenance to property taxes, monthly mortgage payments and various other things will have monthly or yearly costs. The increased utility bills, school fees, grocery shopping, etc. are just some of the costs that will increase. Will you be able to take care of these things and more on the salary you are getting now? While mortgage rates increase quite slowly but even a 0.3% increase can feel like a huge burden.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have laid down all the facts and figures in front of you, what is your decision? If you feel that this is your time and window to buy a house, then definitely go for it! Before putting up your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA on the market, why not get your house evaluated by America’s Network Reality Group Inc. Enter your address here: https://www.kstrealty.com/homevaluesinsandysprings/.

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