10 Things Your Real Estate Agent Wishes You Knew

How many times have you read that “you should completely depend on your real estate agent for every piece of information”? It’s understandable that as a first-time home buyer, you will have lots of questions but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do a little research on your own about the process.

The problem is – most buyers hire the first real estate agent they come across and believe that their work is done. First of all, if you are planning to “buy” a home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA then you need to hire a buyer’s agent. This agent looks for your best interest and makes sure that you are not duped into the seller agent’s pitch. With that being said, the agent does want you to read up on some basic material, so that you have a better understanding of the responsibilities that will come along with buying a house.

1. Be Mentally and Physically Prepared

Choosing a house is an easy step in the house buying process. It’s the part when the time comes to make a decision that is hard. So, better visit open houses and look at the features that are in demand and what price people are willing to pay for them. Be prepared to make a decision right there on the spot.

2. Set a Budget

Do not put your entire budget on the house. There are a dozen additional costs involved after the purchase transaction is completed. From the cost of house maintenance to your travel, family and lifestyle expenses, subtract all these expanses and then calculate the mortgage monthly payments.

3. Get Pre-Approved

The mortgage pre-approval letter shows the seller that you are a serious buyer. Your credit history and savings accounts helps you determine how much you will be able to afford. You can start this process by meeting with a lender.

4. Hush Is the Word When On a House Tour

Watch what you say when visiting an open house. Assume that there are eyes and ears everywhere. Anything derogatory you might say about the home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA will be recorded and this mistake will cost you during negotiations.

5. Know the Off-Limits Topics

Commenting on the community’s racial composition or engaging in other such practices are discriminatory in nature and show that you are not a team player. This is one quality that every seller looks for in his or her buyer.

6. Reduce Distractions

Don’t bring along your children or pets with you. Period. They are a distraction because you will be constantly running after them to make sure they don’t knock over something.

7. Avoid Having a Conversation with the Listing Agent

You might accidentally say something that tips off the seller and he or she may raise the asking price of the house. The topic of conversation: your new job. Better let the buyer’s agent do all the talking in this area.

8. The Art of Negotiating

Your buyer’s agent has a better understanding of the market price, so let him or her take the lead during negotiations.

9. Be Patient

You won’t find a home in just one day, so give yourself at least a month before you start prioritizing things such as desired location, certain features and more.

10. Trust the Buyer’s Agent

Unless you build a strong relationship with your buyer’s agent, you won’t be able to find a house that you both agree upon. So sign that buyer representation agreement to show the agent that you are fully invested.

And that’s all folks! You are ready to begin your search for a real estate agent to buy a home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA. Looking for a Sandy Springs home for sale that will fall under your budget? Head on over to America’s Network Reality Group Inc. and find your dream house by entering a few details.

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