Paint Color Analysis – How to Increase Your Home’s Value with Just One Home Renovation Tip

Forget about getting the bathroom redone or having a deck in the backyard. Expensive renovations such as these make you think whether you will recoup the money spent in the house sale or not. You are right! Read any house renovation blog online and you will find out that when it comes to sprucing your house, you need to stick with the simple and affordable ideas that increase the value of your house.

So are you ready to hear what renovation tip will help you increase the value of your home for sale in Atlanta, Sandy Springs by a whopping $6,000?

The right color of paint.

Specifically on your front door!

Painting Your House

Just because you like red color doesn’t mean the new homeowner will too. Wild and bold colors such as red, yellow, and parrot green, may drop your home’s sale value by $2,000. They are visually unappealing and are not considered good colors for houses.

The Experiment

In order to find out which colors help increase the sale price of a house, Zillow conducted a survey. A “Color Analysis” quiz was posted online that presented people with situations regarding what paint colors they think would look more appealing in different rooms. Next, they analyzed more than 135,000 photos of houses that were sold in the past 8 years. The deciding factor for the sale price was the paint color. It was found out that houses with front doors painted in dark colors such as maroon, dark brown, and black sold at 2.9% above the market price.

According to Zillow, the current median house price in the US is $237,000. Let’s assume that your home for sale in Atlanta, Sandy Springs is on the market with a price tag of $223,000. Factoring in the 2.9% increase, you can add $6,467 to the price by just painting your door a dark color.

Paint Color Analysis

It was revealed that the paint colors that boosted the sale price higher were charcoal gray and black. This is one of the simplest renovation tips that will hardly take half an hour of your time.

 Living Room: Pinkish Taupe or Burnt Orange

 Bathroom: Periwinkle Blue

 Kitchen: Black and White Tuxedo

 Bedroom: Khaki

 Dining Room: Greige

The Black and White Tuxedo Effect

The latest color trend for kitchen cabinets, as well as the wall is the “Tuxedo” effect. This upgrade is called “two-toned cabinets”, as it involves painting black and white panels in the kitchen. Paired with a black or dark blue island, this color combination gives the kitchen that pop it needs. Plus, it makes the kitchen look good in videos and photos.

So, there you go… the easiest and most affordable renovation tip is all about the colors. Before staging your home for sale in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, make these changes and you will see a distinct change in the appearance of the house. Get your house evaluated now by America’s Network Realty Group Inc. Enter your address here:

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