Owner Financing Properties in Atlanta

Owner Financing Properties in AtlantaPlanning to purchase a home with bad credit or no credit but have available cash!!!

The list of homes below are currently in the market with an Owner Financing option. These houses are located all over the Atlanta Metro Area and are priced from the 100K an up. Keep in mind that when purchasing a house with Owner Financing you more likely will have to have 20% for the down payment and your interest is probably going to be higher  then the interest you would normally get from your bank. One other thing you have to consider too is; your loan may have a balloon payment, you may ask what is that. A balloon payment is a maturity date for the mortgage loan. When you get a home mortgage from the bank  you may have a 15,20,25, or 30 year fixed mortgage, but when you get a mortgage loan from a home Owner you may have a loan that is amortized over 15, 20, 25, or 30 years but, it will have a shorter maturity date, most home owners will give you a maturity date of one to five years and you may negotiate the amortization length of the loan. A longer the amortization will field a smaller monthly payment. When the balloon matures, you have to pay off the loan or get financing from other sources.

So if you are interested in buying a home in Atlanta with Owner Financing, here is a current list of homes with Owner Financing Option. Each Owner will set their own loan rates and mortgage preferences, so be ready to negotiate. If you are amongst these home buyers in Atlanta, give us a call at 404-855-3070, we will help you find and negotiate the right deal for you.

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