For First Time Buyers – The Dos and Don’ts You Should Keep in Mind before Going for a House Tour

When you are shopping for a house, the most fun part is touring them. It’s exciting to go from one house to another and imagine living in the new space. You have all these things in your mind that you try to find in the home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA, which typically leads to asking numerous questions.

Open houses are usually crowded and not that much fun. You get only a few minutes of the seller’s time and then you are pretty much on your own. On the other hand, private tours are entirely focused on your needs and demands. The seller is patient and wants to make sure that you feel comfortable in the house. This is where most buyers let their guard down. What you are forgetting is that in a private tour, the seller hangs on to your every word, which leaves room for error.

Following are a few dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind before going for a house tour:

Do Leave the Kids At Home

Bringing an entourage might not be a good idea. Sellers usually get annoyed with the crowd because they are unable to keep track of who is entering which room. Plus, with so many distractions, they are unable to focus on your concerns and interests.

Do Assume the Seller Is Listening and Watching

Everything you do— the gestures you make and the things you say— will affect the way the seller communicates with you. There are cameras everywhere in the house; therefore, be wary that your every move is being monitored. What you say now will come back to you during the negotiations. So, make sure to discuss whatever you want about the home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA, when you get back in your car.

Don’t Take Photos

Sellers are offended when buyers start taking pictures without their permission. It’s not only a breach of privacy, but it is also against the basic rules of etiquette. Always ask permission and make sure that you don’t upload them on Facebook or Twitter to share with your family and friends.

Don’t Take Your Kids to the Bathroom

Your kid really needs to use the bathroom. You grab them by the hand and go to the bathroom. Bad idea! A house open for private tour is staged to show people how beautiful it is. Enforcing our first point: do not bring the kids with you! For yourself, make sure to use the facilities before heading out.

Try to keep your emotions in check because a simple facial expression says a lot. A seller might feel that you are bashing the house, after which he can retract the offer, increase the asking price or simply refuse to sell to you. You never know.

Before shopping for a house, read blogs on the internet and know as much as you can about what steps you should take when searching for a home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA. This way, you will be able to see things that are not just on the surface but those that are related to the foundation too. Looking for a home that falls under your budget? Head on over to America’s Network Realty Group Inc. and find your dream house by entering just a few details.

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