Real Estate Agents Aptitude Test

Real Estate Agents Aptitude Test

Are you thinking in a career move and are considering real estate, before you start spending money in training and other supplies, why not find out how good a real estate you would be. At America’s Network Realty Group, Inc. we have put together a questionnaire that will help you determine whether a real estate career is right for you. There is no right or wrong answer, just answer all questions to the best of your knowledge and truthfully. Once completed check the results, if they are favorable, give us a call to discuss your career in real estate.

According to research by David McClellan, professor of behavior science at Harvard University, people who like to set their own goals and then work passionately toward them are more inclined to ask experts for help. In other words, people driven to achieve their goals are more interested in successful outcomes and task-closure than the desire for friendly relationships or feeling comfortable.

This inclination toward expert help can be experienced by anyone who takes the time to set specific goals, then forms a plan to achieve them.

High achievers know that they need as much control as possible in order to make their goals become real. They are sometimes called Type A personalities, but that does not mean they like to dominate others merely for the satisfaction of doing so.

Real Estate Sales Associate Aptitude Test

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