Wowing the Buyer – 4 Decoration Tips for Your Backyard before the Viewing

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Staging is the word that you are looking for. It’s the only thing that stops the buyer form walking out your door and looking for another home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA. As you know, staging is all about subtle decoration, minimal furniture and rooms devoid of personal items.

The main goal of staging is to make the house ready for the buyers, so that when they step foot inside the house, they are able to see the features of the house in detail. Now a days, when it comes to staging, people declutter the rooms, organize the furniture, mow the lawn and after power washing the driveway, they call it a day.

Do you think that’s all there is to staging?

You are forgetting one area: the backyard.

Whether your backyard is similar to a small broom closet or big enough having a swimming pool and a deck, decorating this place and making it a cozy oasis is the perfect way to take the buyer by surprise. Even if you don’t have a deck and just a small space for playing catch with your children, there are plenty of ideas that you can try to make the space look special.

Following are four decorating ideas for your backyard:

1. Bistro Table

This classic seating solution for a small-space is a cozy setting that will give your backyard a beautiful look. All you have to do is buy a bistro table and four chairs. You can make your own cushions at home with funky colored cloths. The umbrella is optional but do place a transparent vase with a candle in it. This Paris-type theme will definitely win over the buyers because they will be eager to spend their evenings watching the sunset while sipping a cup of tea.

2. String Lights

String lights can just about liven up any space. However, in small and enclosed spaces, they tend to look like twinkling stars. The reason why this décor accessory is great for your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA is because you have plenty of space in the backyard to string them. The lights help define the space and keep the floor space clear.

3. Hanging Planters

If you want your backyard to look more colorful but are worried that the planters will take up most of the space, then why not go for hanging planters. Not only do they make the space look more open but also give a unique look. You can either hang the planters from the roof top with a hook such as shown above in the picture or you can glue the planters to the wall.

4. Divider Curtains

While backyard décor is all the rage right now, many people are concerned with privacy. When it comes to choosing between a fence and sliding doors, the former destroys the beauty of the backyard and the latter is too expensive. Here’s what we suggest: divider curtains. Choose a hard material such as polyester or heavy-duty plastic that is made of weather-resistant fabric. You can cover the open areas with the divider that are in direct view of your neighbor. If you want a bohemian look, you can go all out with beaded curtains.

So, there you go… four decoration ideas for staging your backyard that you can easily work with.

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