Two Secret Tips That Will Help You Browse For a Killer House Online

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Shopping online is so much fun and when it comes to houses, pictures are what matter the most. After all, you call the seller only when you feel that the pictures posted online show good features of the home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA.

However, browsers beware: While these listings are seductive on sight, you are not seeing the complete picture. That beautiful two-story house with skylights and a porch might have some massive plumbing problems and that condo you just bookmarked might have been already sold. There are a dozen other things that you forget to check, which is how you end up in despair when you find that your dream house is actually a money pit.

So, before you call any buyer from the listing you just browsed, why not pay a little more attention to the ad. Following are two secret tips that will help you see the true colors of the house:

Secret #1

Keep the Search Current

First things first: every morning, you read the current day’s newspaper, so why are you browsing listings that are months old. Always click on the latest listings, so that you have a chance of actually putting an offer down on something you love. Calling for old listings after you have set your sight on a house will do nothing but break your heart.

Websites such as America’s Network Realty Group Inc. offer the latest listings, which you can browse in the “Active” section. This way, you can also call the seller immediately and ask for further details or a meeting.

Secret #2

Don’t Believe What the Picture Says

They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words” but when it comes to real estate, you should never trust a picture. Pictures don’t show the cracks in the floorboards, the leaky pipes, the busted boiler and a dozen other repair problems. Most people fixate on the pictures and that’s the number one mistake. Pay attention to the key features and the property description too.

Each website offers a section labeled as “property details”. This is where you will find the basic information about the home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA such as square foot, price and how long it has been available on the market.

The only way you will have an upper hand during negotiations is when you have seen the house up close and personal. This is why, when it’s time for the home inspection, be present on the site, so that you can understand what the problems are and how they will be fixed.

When looking at a home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA, keep these two secret tips in mind. If an ad lists a house that is slightly above your budget, do not scroll down. Look at the details and give the house a look to find out if the seller is willing to negotiate.

If you want to find quality listings, then visit America’s Network Realty Group Inc. Enter just a few details on the type of house you are looking for and the database will provide you with hundreds of listings.

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