The Truth about Home Staging – Why Is It So Important?

Have you watched “The Vanilla Ice Project” on the DIY Network? From rapping to hammering nails, the journey was quite long but it makes you wonder: if Vanilla Ice can do it, then sure as hell can I! So, we all know how important home staging is when you are putting up your home for sale in Sandy Springs. But the question is why?

You think about selling your house and the first thing you do is declutter and then, clean the house from top to bottom. After you get the home inspection report, you get down to fixing the repairs. A few photos of every room, uploading them online and bam! Your house is on a random listing. In all this, have you ever wondered what impact staging has on your buyers? Staging is not just about decoration and presentation. There’s a fine line that you have to walk, so that the buyer doesn’t think that you are hiding something behind all the staging.

What is the Big Deal?

Nailing the positive features, renting furniture and painting the walls with a light and refreshing color are the three important steps in staging.

Here’s a scenario:

The buyer enters the house for a tour and the first thing they see is a couch with a few throw pillows and bowl of nachos placed on the coffee table. A few nachos are strewn on the table and a few are scattered on the ground. Then there’s the bowl of cheese dip with that god awful smell.

Do you really think the buyer will pay attention to the features of the house?

No! All he or she will be thinking now is how they can get out of your house and delete your number from their phone.

Why Rent Furniture

Rented furniture has this new look and there are many options to choose from. Your couch might be a little outdated, which is why you can rent furniture to create this theme that goes best with the house. Don’t go overboard but do try to pick some basic things such as a couch, two high-backed chairs, a coffee table, small round tables for decoration, a chase for the backyard… you get where we are going.

Should You Hire a Stager?

When your home for sale in Sandy Springs is perfectly staged, the chances of it staying on the market for more than 60 days reduce. So, yes! You should definitely hire a professional stager because the professional photos posted online by the stager will attract buyers. It makes them eager to see the house in person that looks perfect in pictures.

Houses those are valued at millions of dollars such as that mansion on the whole with the long, spooky corridors. You definitely need great lighting, as well as royal style furniture to make the place come alive. It can cost you between $500 and $2,400 for staging. Depending on how long your house stays on the market, the rent of the furniture will keep adding up.

You can also take the DIY route if you are on a budget but then, you need to bring your A-game to impress buyers. Check out our previous blogs on how you can stage your home for sale in Sandy Springs on your own and under a budget. Before putting your house on the market, why not get your house evaluated by America’s Network Reality Group Inc. Enter your address here:

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