Why Luxury Kitchens Must Have Granite Countertops

Why Luxury Kitchens Must Have Granite Countertops If you’re designing a brand new luxury kitchen, then there’s only one real choice when it comes to worktops. This is, of course, granite. But what exactly is granite? Granite is a type of igneous rock which was formed naturally millions of years ago. It can be found […]

Simplest Approach to Create a Quick Charm Within the Entrance Your Home

Simplest Approach to Create a Quick Charm Within the Entrance Your Home Your home’s exterior may well be a statement inside the family’s success. Adding charm within the entrance to your house is simple knowing the essential concepts. Charm within the entrance starts together with your home’s exterior and finishes near the street. The next […]

Atlanta Real Estate

Atlanta Real Estate   We will help you find the perfect type of residential homes, commercial properties, lots of construction, rental housing, multi-family homes, and business properties like restaurants, shops and other properties that you desire! Our listings separated by price, size and amenities. We also have Luxury homes for sale in Atlanta. [tab name=”Homes”] […]

Atlanta Top Public Schools

Atlanta Top Public Schools   Brandon Elementary School  Charles R. Drew Charter School Early College High School at Carver Jackson Elementary School   Atlanta Homes for Sale   Atlanta is the most populated city in Georgia. It is the ninth largest city in the United States. Established in 1837, it rose from the ashes of […]

Savings Opportunities

Savings Opportunities home, auto, valuables, umbrella liability, and watercraft policies. Additionally, the policies often can be written as part of one package with common term dates and one consolidated bill, saving the client time as well as money. Loss Prevention Credits 50 Percent Said Likely Overlooked Agents reported that many families with fine homes, valuable […]

Savings Opportunities

Savings Opportunities come to $18,900 over 21 years, far outweighing the additional $2,000 paid at the time of the one loss. As the table below shows, the homeowner would come out ahead even if a loss occurred in the third year. The savings can be even greater for a higher value home and a higher […]

Savings Opportunities

Savings Opportunities Compared to 2010, more agents in 2012 reported that families insured by mass-market carriers were likely missing a variety of savings opportunities. The survey asked about 11 savings opportunities, and the average percent of agents reporting each savings opportunity as likely missed in 2012 was nearly 28 percent, an almost 6-point increase. Responses […]

A Renewed Focus on Proper Protection

<h1>A Renewed Focus on Proper Protection</h1> Families with substantial assets overpay to be underinsured primarily because they fail to adjust their personal insurance program as they build wealth. Faced with the complexity of insurance policy contracts and often reluctant to think about bad things that could happen, these families leave their insurance relatively unchanged year […]

Executive Summary

Executive Summary Independent insurance agents and brokers frequently find that families with substantial assets who insure their homes, autos, watercraft, and valuable collections with massmarket, heavily advertised carriers overpay for protection that still leaves them exposed to severe financial loss. What are the specific risks, and why are these high net worth (HNW) families paying […]

Wealth at Risk

Wealth at Risk How High Net Worth Families Overpay to Be Underinsured Survey Reveals Many Opportunities to Improve Protection and Maximize Value in Families’ Personal Insurance Programs   Reprinted with permission for the clients of Next Page Lei Gray is an account executive with Siegel Insurance which is a family-owned, independent insurance agency that has […]

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