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Strategies for Buying Your Dream House – How to Compete In Multiple Offers

The road is not easy for home buyers. As a person who is trying to settle in Sandy Springs, GA, you should know that the market right now is highly competitive. Houses are being sold left and right, and sellers are making a pretty penny. So, if you are planning to buy a house, there’s […]

5 Appraisal Myths That Are Stopping You from Making a Profitable House Sale

As a seller, you just picked out the short straw. From here on until closing the deal, you are going to be on a bumpy ride, with buyers negotiating with you to accept their offer. You finally put the house up for sale on the market and got multiple offers. Now, you need to go […]

Selling Your House – Ten Things You Need To Know About the Art of Negotiations

As a seller, your job is to push back on every real estate negotiation. Whatever the reason behind the sale, your aim should be to make profit. That being said, a buyer’s job is to ask and ask and ask. In the seller’s eyes, all that matters is a high price whereas for a buyer, […]

Security Tips to Follow When Staging an Open House

When selling a house, an owner often comes at a standstill when it’s time for the tour. Should they host one-on-one tours or an open house for all potential buyers? With so many advancements in digital media, it’s quite easy to give people a virtual tour of the house. Videos, pictures, Skype calls, etc. have […]

3 Important Things to Look At When Hoping To Make a Quick and Profitable House Sale

How do you prepare yourself when it’s time to sell your house? You will hear this quite often in the real estate market, “The faster you sell it, the higher the profit you will make”. How can you do this? What if you sell the house to the first buyer and lose the opportunity to […]

5 Things You Need to Know About the Sellers Market before Buying a House

Finding the right house is not only a difficult, but also a time-consuming process. In the seller’s market, time is money. The moment you delay anything, a better buyer might come along and sweep your seller off his house. When this happens, you are left with discouragement and wonder why you didn’t emerge as the […]

Benefits of Buying vs. Renting

  “There’s No Place like Home” Once in a lifetim e, we have all uttered this phrase. However, what does this apply to: a home that we buy or the home that we rent? If you think about it, both options are appealing in their own ways, and depending on the amount of money you […]

10 Tips on How to Sell Your House for Top Dollar

Ready for the big move? Have you started searching for another real estate property in Sandy Springs, GA? Before you get your heart settled on the property of your dreams, you need to sell your old property. The only way you will be able to afford the new property is if you can sell the […]

5-Step Preparation Process for Buying a House

Buying a house is much more than taking out a mortgage and making sure that your monthly payments are in order! You need to make some financial changes in your life, which might mean living a simpler life, just for a while until you can save enough. You won’t be able to start saving money […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your House

The preparation process for selling a house does not just involve cleaning and renovating. It’s a complicated process, which sellers often take lightly. There are some practical and legal considerations that most sellers don’t know about. These considerations are what lead to simple mistakes. This can sink down the sale and create a bad name […]

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