Security Tips to Follow When Staging an Open House

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When selling a house, an owner often comes at a standstill when it’s time for the tour. Should they host one-on-one tours or an open house for all potential buyers? With so many advancements in digital media, it’s quite easy to give people a virtual tour of the house. Videos, pictures, Skype calls, etc. have changed the game of real estate. Owners no longer need to hire a realtor for the job because there are hundreds of websites that allow you to sell your house on your own.

There are no long lines at the newspaper stand to get the Sunday newspaper to check out the listings because media has now become the king.

Why Open House is a Risky Choice

Say you are hosting an open house because you received dozens of positive responses from sellers. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have any idea about the people that are arriving?
  • Can you personally vet for them?
  • Are they serious buyers?
  • Will they be able to close the deal within 30 days?

Shady people walking on the streets make themselves available when they see an open house. People might sign in with false info and you will never know their intentions. Following are some security tips that you should follow before conducting an open house:

1. Don’t Leave Any Document Out

Bank receipts, tax records, electricity bills or any kind of documents with your name and sensitive information on it – do NOT leave it out. Also remove all valuables, knives, guns, etc. from shelves and place them in a secure place. Make sure there are no family names on the walls and every room is cleared out. A thief in your house will steal anything, regardless of its value.

2. Clear Out Bathroom Cabinets

Remove any prescription meds placed above the sink in the cabinet. If these meds are found in someone else’s possession, there could be legal repercussions. If you are showing them around and relaying the updates from your laptop, make sure it is password protected. You can always install a camera in the hall, where you gather and conduct the meeting. This way, if you do leave anything in the hall, the camera will record everything.

3. Lock Your Secret Places

Some owners like to have hidden doors leading to small rooms. These private rooms can be the target of these shady people when they are looking for a house. Since you have already cleared your house, you will never know that they are hiding inside. Therefore, place a lock on such doors, as well as on the attic and basement door.

As a precaution, when hosting an open house, ask your neighbors to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Before closing the house, have a go through with your neighbor by your side and make sure all the windows are locked. While putting your house up for sale is easy, it’s the presentation that requires efforts on your part. Before putting your house on the market, why not get your house evaluated by America’s Network Reality. Enter your address here:


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