Protect Your Belongings During An Open House In Atlanta, GA

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Protect Your Belongings During An Open House In Atlanta, GA

Once you put your home up for sale, you will need to have an open house from time to time. Potential buyers in Atlanta, GA would visit your place and decide if they would want to buy your home or not. When a number of people are visiting your house and looking into its every nook and cranny, you are bound to find some stuff missing from your house. We do not know about you, but the thought of a bunch of strangers going about our house makes us feel vulnerable.

Visitors are curious to find out every single detail of your house. They creep in to all the places which you would not expect them to and some even open all the drawers and cupboards of your furniture too.

Of course we are not suggesting that the people showing up on your open house tour would steal your belongings or harm your house in some way, but it is always better to do some precautionary preparations in advance. It will only protect you from any mishap in the future.

Visit every room of your house and look at every place where there might be something of value and take proper precautionary measures to keep those things safe. Don’t just put them somewhere in the closets without locks, as visitors might open your drawers and closets as well.

However, don’t overhaul yourself in this matter and go obsessing over protecting each single item in your house. No one is going to take your computer or television out of your home during an open house. So focus on small things when preparing for an open house.


Some guidelines and measures to help you protect your belongings during an open house in Atlanta, GA are as follows:

  • Firstly, and most importantly, find yourself a trustable and well reputed agent. Talk with them and tell them how they should look after your belongings and in what room do you want their special attention.
  • Ask your agent to use a sign-in spreadsheet and make every one write some of their information and the time of their arrival
  • If your house has many floors, ask your agent to bring someone with them in order to keep an eye on all the floors during an open house
  • Take your valuables away from a reachable place in store them away in a locked safe place. Put all your medicines and prescription pages away as well.
  • Give special attention on taking care of all small electronic items like laptops and tablets/iPads.
  • Don’t place your stuff in a drawer that is without lock
  • Lock your computers with password. Take all the items with your personal information such as Bank statements, bills, checks, and credit cards away from the reach of any body.
  • If you have put up images of your house on MLS or some other house listing website, make sure that the images do not display any valuable items
  • Ask your agent to lock all the doors and close all the windows once the open housefor buyers ends.
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