What you need to know about home inspections

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You have located a great property, just like the one you have always dreamt of, and that property is within your affordability range. What will be your next step? Making an offer of course! Once your offer gets accepted, you might become more than happy, jumping around with excitement but in all that enthusiasm, you should not forget your next step; a home inspection, which may  unearth some major problems in the property.

During a home inspection, professionals evaluate the condition of the house. This is a necessary step for learning about your future home.

Any first class home inspector will educate you about everything you need to know about your home. Keep in mind that all the inspections are optional, and will be carried out as per your wish. You will be the one arranging them, scheduling them and, most probably, paying for them as well. Here are some things about home inspections you should be aware of:

When should you get a home inspection

It is risky to buy a property without a professional home inspection. Buyers usually get the property inspected once they have made a contract to buy the property. This gives them a better opportunity to negotiate if they find any issue with the house. They still will be able to completely back out from the contract without losing any earnest money.

Choosing the home inspector

Many times, buyers accept any recommendation they get after a home inspection. This should be avoided as that advice may not be the best for you.

Not all home inspectors are the same — a local contractor will not be the same as a certified professional. Better Business Bureau (BBB) can prove very helpful in locating a good inspecting agent whom you will be able to trust.

Be present at the time of inspection

There are hundreds of items on the list of inspection. If you are not present at the actual home inspection, you will never be able to get the full picture of the severity of the various problems in the property. Although your presence is not mandatory, it is a good practice for ensuring that there are no red flags in the house.

If a major problem has been found during the inspection, like a faulty foundation, you can get the help of a structural engineer to assess the problem further. One might feel that this is an unnecessary measure, but do remember that purchasing a house is a big investment; therefore it is good to take all the precautionary measures before you finalize the deal.

The time and cost of a home inspection

Home inspections usually take from two to three hours. The cost of a house inspection is heavily influenced according to the market, but nationwide average of a home inspection usually costs $350 to $600. On completion of the inspection, you can rest assured that the property will not trouble you later in life.

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