Moving Fast – 5 Homeowner Regrets That Most First-time Buyers Face

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According to, 1 out of 5 first time home buyers regrets their decision after buying a house. It’s in human nature to always regret the things we have done, wishing that we should have done it better. When it comes to buying a house, this can be a huge mistake because a lot of money is on the line.

When you are buying a Sandy Springs house for sale, you need to make sure that all your priorities are in order. There are many things you need to factor into your final decision, regarding the future before buying the house.

Here are the top 5 homeowner regrets that most first time buyers face:

1. Wished They Had Negotiated More

34% of first time home buyers wished they had negotiated better terms on the contract. This also includes the interest rates on the mortgage and the payment plan. Often, first time home buyers feel the pressure of owning a house, as soon as the keys land in the palm of their hands. While it’s completely natural, buyers should not get overwhelmed or they might fall back on making the payments. A big decision such as this can be emotionally and physically challenging therefore, they must prepare themselves before signing on the closing documents.

2. Think the Overpaid For the House

The 2nd regret that most buyers have is they think… no believe they paid too much. This happens all the time because once you have bought the Sandy Springs house for sale; you will come across several other houses that are priced lower than what you bought. However, ask yourself this:

Do they offer the same features as this one offers?

Are they a fixer-upper?

They might have been a money pit for all you know and you made the right decision.

3. Wished They Had Purchased a Larger Home

62% of the first time home buyers outgrew their home quite fast. The reason why most people feel this after a few years is because when they were planning the purchase, they didn’t factor in the possibility of having a family. This brings us to the 4th regret:

4. They Regret “Buying” the House

A house involves many costs such as the homeowner’s insurance, taxes, maintenance, etc. Now factor in the family costs along with raised utility bills and you are looking at an amount in thousands of dollars. 38% of the first time buyers regret buying the house because they had no idea that this decision would be so costly in the future.

5. They Don’t Like the Neighborhood

25% of the first time homebuyers find out too late that the neighborhood they picked is not what they assumed it to be. Most families prefer to live in a calm, child friendly and safe neighborhood. They paint such high expectations in their mind that when they actually move into the house, the reality is quite different.

Looking at all these regrets, you must have realized that much planning is needed when it comes to buying a Sandy Springs house for sale. If you are looking for a house that falls under your budget, then head on over to America’s Network Realty Group Inc. and find your dream house by entering just a few details.

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