What Makes Atlanta the Best Place for Buying Home

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Atlanta leads all other Georgian cities in terms of population. But that is not the only thing in which it leads the other cities. With higher population comes the more extensive government attention and regulations related to law and public safety. Some of the things that have compelled so many people to settle in Atlanta include the following:

The weather

When comparing Atlanta with other cities in terms of the weather, it has a slight advantage over others. The average temperature in Atlanta is 22 degrees Fahrenheit for highest and 12 degrees Fahrenheit for lowest. Many cities like Blairsville, Helen and Clayton touch much lower temperature in the winter season than this.

While in summers only Athens records an average higher temperature than Atlanta, but that too is only 3 degrees Fahrenheit  higher.

The recreational places

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Located in the Midtown Atlanta, the botanical garden offers 30 acres of ornate garden filled with various beautiful flowers throughout the year waiting to be explored.

Alliance Theatre

Alliance theatre offers dramas, Musical events and classical favorites. It is a great place for anyone to spend their evening at.

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra offers live performance of various Grammy-winners. With this place in town, you will not have to worry about missing on the Grammy.

Children’s Museum of Atlanta

For all the family persons there are a ton of amusement places in Atlanta for them too. One of them is The Children’s Museum of Atlanta. It is a 3,000 square-foot place offering a getaway from busy life and special enjoyment for the little ones!

Philips Arena

Philips Arena, is the place that keeps rocking throughout the year. It offers many tournaments and some great concerts as well.


Another great feature in Atlanta is the streetcars. These electric transits can take you to various parts of Atlanta and are fun to travel in as well.


With so many great locations easily accessible in Atlanta, it would  keep your life less tensed  as there will be various recreational places you can easily go to and enjoy your time.

The Residences

Some of the great residential spots in the Atlanta have not just living facilities to offer. The major ones are:


Referred as West Midtown, Westside poses as the trendiest place in Atlanta. The place is filled with restaurants, apartments, commercial areas and condos.

Westside includes many recreational places in itself such as Terminal West, a 7,000-square-foot musical place called as King Plow Arts Center.


Midtown, just as the name indicates, is located in Atlanta’s center. The place is culturally very diverse and stands out as one of the best place to live in.

There are some of the tallest Atlanta structures in this territory as well like 1180 Peachtree and the Bank of America Plaza.

Ormewood Park

Located in the center of East Atlanta village and Grant Park, the Ormewood Park is a filled with single family styled homes.

In previous 10 years, newer homes were erected in the area which offer latest architectural designs in them.

House Affordability

The house affordability index indicates the percentage of houses affordable to the family that is earning the locality’s median income. In this regards, Atlanta is the sixth most affordable place in comparison with other largest metro areas in the entire U.S.


Atlanta is one of the famous cities of the U.S. And it remains to be since it has so much to offer to its residents.

If you are looking to buy a home, Atlanta might just be the right place for you. You can find various houses ready to sell in Atlanta on our website. To find more information on buying homes you can browse through our blogs.

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