Lowering the Resale Value of Your House – 5 Mistakes to Avoid

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When you first buy your house, its resale value isn’t exactly an important issue on the mind. Well, it should be. Small changes that make your house different from others on the block might hurt the value of the house. When buying a house you should definitely be on the lookout for such things. On the other hand if you are the one selling, you need to make an active effort to avoid these types of changes in order to maximize the value of your house. We are not talking about a fancy mailbox or the colorful fence but the actual features of the house such as the front door, the exterior of the house, garage and more.

Following are five mistakes that sellers need to avoid if they want their home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA to do well on the market:

1. Using Wild Colors

By wild colors, we mean bold and bright ones. The reason why stagers recommend that you go with light or more neutral tones such as beige is because it sparks the buyer’s imagination. It becomes easier for them to visualize their belongings in the room without getting distracted by the bright colors. If you want to add some splash to the walls, then look into stencils with subtle designs.

2. Creating a Master Bedroom By Combining Two Rooms

Let’s think about this: What would a buyer like most – A big bedroom or two rooms that can be turned into a bedroom and a guest room?

Don’t go knocking down walls just because you think it is a good idea. You are forgetting that this will make it harder for you to find comps in order to compare prices. In the end, you will ask for a price that does not compare to others in your block, losing any interested parties along the way.

3. Breaking Down the Garage for More inside Space

Buyers do love extra space but not when it comes at the expense of the garage. There are dozens of permits that need to be signed before you proceed with this action. Frankly, there’s no guarantee this will work in your favor.

4. Keeping a Big Garden

A bigger garden = high maintenance cost. No one wants that! Keep the plant and flower pots to a minimum. Staging does not mean that you show your green thumb. If the buyer wants, they can do whatever they want after the house is bought.

5. Not Changing the Dingy Siding

The first thing a buyer notices in a home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA is its exterior. Dirty walkways and dingy sidings are a sure to turn them off. Just pressure-wash the entire area from the driveway to the walkway, siding, windows and other places that looks dull.

One thing you need to understand is that the key to impressing the buyer is to focus on the small details such as changing the bulb fixtures, making sure that all the sockets are working properly, the taps in the bathroom work and that there’s no drainage problem with the toilet.

So, follow our advice to make sure that the buyer calls back with an offer after touring the house. Before putting your Sandy Springs home for sale on the market, why not get your house evaluated by America’s Network Relity Group Inc. Enter your address here: http://www.kstrealty.com/homevaluesinsandysprings/.

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