List of upgrades to do before listing your home for sale 

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In Sandy Springs, a house has to be in its most prime condition to get positive replies the moment it is put on sale. But with the house in poor condition, it will be months on the listing without a single customer showing up.

Home sellers will probably read a lot of tips to get started, telling them how to stage and clean the house to make it more attractive. Even though these steps are necessary to be undertaken, if the house is outdated or it needs repairs, simple grooming and polishing won’t do much. Here is a list of upgrades that all home sellers should consider before you list your house for sale.


Basic Updates

Home sellers staging their house for sale should start the basic updates first. Here is a comprehensive list with some questions to check out and should be asked to give you the basic idea of the required updates

  • Does your house have a fuse box and electrical panel?
  • Does your house need an upgrade on plumbing?
  • Do the lights in your house flicker?
  • What is the condition of your windows?
  • Does your roof require any attention?
  • If you have a carpet in the home, what is its condition?
  • Have you removed all the wallpapers and is the paint in your house a neutral color?
  • What is the condition of the cupboards in the house?
  • Are your permanent light fixtures in good condition?
  • Does every room in the house have good lighting?
  • Have you removed the signs of pets from your home (e.g. food, litter box)
  • Are the smoke detectors in the house working?


Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchen UpgradesThe kitchen is the most important room of the house, and every buyer visiting your house will have a keen eye on your kitchen design. Outdated kitchen designs cause quick rejection or at least, a sense of rejection in the mind of buyers. It’s not just about the fixtures of your kitchen but its design as well.
Small things are noticed

Never assume that fixtures of the kitchen go unnoticed. Buyers always desire the perfect home. Because they are paying for one, they don’t let small things go unnoticed.

  • Is there a maximum storage for cooking utensils?
  • Is the arrangement of your kitchen too much according to your personality?
  • Is there a space to hang knives and other utensils?
  • What is the condition of your faucets? Are they the latest in town or do they require an upgrade?
  • Does your kitchen have fancy lights?

Major Upgrades

You might think that your kitchen looks absolutely gorgeous but have you checked out the latest trends and designs. Having an eye on the houses already for sale in your area can provide a lot of tailored information to you about the current market competitiveness.

Upgrading the bath

Upgrading the bathOne thing that is a major turn off for the potential buyers is bathrooms. From faucets and showers to the whole bathroom design, if anything needs an upgrade, it might either hinder the buyer from making a decision, or cause them to negotiate on the price.

  • Have stylish mirrors installed in your bath
  • Get a double towel stand installed
  • If you are going to repaint the walls or upgrade the tiles, have a neutral palette selected
  • Beautify the accessories in the bath
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