How A Real Estate Agent Helps You Sell Your House

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Type “House” in the search engine, and you will find hundreds of websites claiming they are experts in helping people sell their homes through a simple listing. The FSBO route is slowly gaining popularity in the real estate market. Sandy Springs home sellers are trying to save money at every step, even if it means cutting some corners. By that, we mean foregoing the involvement of a real estate agent.

The truth is: going the “FSBO” route works well and so does hiring a real estate agent for the process. The only difference between these two approaches is that the former is slightly time-consuming; pertaining to the availability of the house on the market, and the latter has a time period of less than 45 days. Now we are not saying that you shouldn’t take the FSBO route, but we would like to tell you how hiring a real estate agent for your home for sale in Atlanta, Sandy Springs will be beneficial.

1. Understanding of the Real Estate Market

Real estate agents don’t get their license just like that! They go through rigorous training that allows them to analyze the market and are well-versed with real estate jargon. While you will get all the information you need on the internet, a real estate agent is equipped to interpret it better.

2. They Know How to Set the Right Asking Price

Let’s face it – you are probably going to be too emotionally distraught over selling your house. It’s possible that you might set the asking price subjectively rather than objectively. Enter your real estate agent. Not only will the agent set the asking price by comparing your house to the comps, but he/she will also look at the current real estate rates and cross reference them with the most sought-after renovations to make sure that every penny you spent on the house was worth the work.

3. Use Online Marketing Tools to Speed up the Sale

One of the best things about real estate agents is that they know how to use social media marketing to get the news of your house sale to interested buyers. The listing they have is updated periodically, so that more and more people can view your house.

4. They Know Which Buyers to Target

If your real estate agent is also a buyer’s agent, then all the more good for you! This means that they know which buyer will be interested in your property. This will reduce the amount of time your home for sale in Atlanta, Sandy Springs will spend on the market, thus preventing its value from falling.

5. More Money on the House Sale

Since real estate agents have a knack for negotiation, there’s a possibility that you might make a small profit on your house sale. This brings us to our last point.

6. They Have a Few Negotiation Tricks up Their Sleeves

Let’s assume that the home inspection report revealed a few problems with the plumbing system. The seller is not agreeing to lower the asking price and your heart is set on the house. Here, the real estate agent will negotiate on your behalf that either the seller fix the problem on his dime or give an incentive such as a guarantee for future repairs.

And this is why you should hire a real estate agent to put up your home for sale in Atlanta, Sandy Springs. Only an experienced professional will be able to help you get the right price for your house. You can always take up the FSBO route after you have sold your first house through a real estate agent. Want to know the current value of your house before selling it? Visit America’s Network Realty Group Inc. and get an accurate evaluation from the experts.

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