House on Sale – 6 Things that Will Help You Seal the Deal

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Many people will tell you that it’s hard to sell a house without a real estate agent. Come winter season and you are trying with all your might to attract some buyers. By chance if you do get a buyer or two, the deal tanks right after the tour. Have you ever wondered that the deal might have tanked even before the tour started? There are many advantages to selling your house in the cooler months. Buyers seldom venture out to buy a house in winter and when they do, they are looking for the real deal.

Buyers don’t know what event in their life will prompt them to a buy a new house that is bigger and better. Your job is to take advantage of their changing situation, so you can settle on a deal after the first tour. Following are six things you can do to make your house appear well-kept and maintained:

1. Tackle the Exterior First

While you can’t paint in winter, there are other things you can do to clean the exterior of the house. This is a short and easy way that will only take a few hundred dollars out of your pocket. Instead of getting repairs done, why not give it a good wash with soapy water. Winter tends to highlight the grime on the walls, so get the windows, doors, fence and walls cleaned with soapy water and a good scrub.

2. Decorate the Entryway

A garland or Christmas lights hung near the doorway or a wreath on your front door will create a nice look. The entryway needs to look welcoming enough, so that when the buyer enters the house, he builds a deep connection with it.

3. Tend to Foliage

Any extra foliage that blocks the entry points or the driveway can be a sore sight. Often, branches get bent due to snow and owners leave it out there for nature to take its course. If you are selling your house, these need to be pruned and the driveway needs to be shoveled, so as to leave a good first impression when the buyer comes to visit.

4. Light Candles

A great way to attract customers is to create a romantic ambiance. In winter, the warm glow of scented candles and the perfume filling the air can be very soothing. A time honored tradition that many people used when they invited guests to their house was to burn cider at stove and have a plate of freshly baked cookies resting at the table.

5. Light a Fire

If you have a fireplace, then you have hit the jackpot in the trick list of impressing the buyer. The warmth from the fireplace and the fresh scent of flowers in every room will do wonders in changing the buyer’s mood. If you don’t have a fire place, then make sure that the heater is high enough and the windows are closed shut, so that there is no draft.

6. The VIP Treatment – Protect the Floors

A great way to impress the buyer is to place a pair of cozy fur slippers on the front entrance. To prevent scuffing on the floors, adorn it with mats and ask the buyers to wear the slippers. Not only will they have a great experience throughout the tour, it will also become difficult for them to find such hospitality at any other seller’s door.

Last advice – make sure that all the access points to the house are cleared of snow. Want to know the current value of your house? Visit America’s Network Reality and get an accurate evaluation from experts.

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