Guide to Buying a House for the first time in Atlanta, GA

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Guide to Buying a House for the first time in Atlanta, GA

Are you looking for a home to buy in Atlanta? Whether it is the beginning of your search or you have already narrowed down some properties to buy, here is a comprehensive guide to help you in your home search.

Home buying process in Atlanta

In Atlanta, buying a home involves many steps. For a first time purchase, you should have knowledge of the complete buying process after a discussion with your real estate agent to ensure that there are no surprises. Here are some of the things you must be aware of:

General questions first

Some general questions do come to mind whenever you are buying a property. These should be answered on a priority basis. These questions can help you narrow down the properties according to your need.

  • Are there any neighborhood issues related to the property for sale?
  • How much did the seller pay for the homeand when did they buy the property?
  • What is included in the sale of the house? Are there some fixtures that will not be included in the property up for sale?
  • Has the buyer had any problems with the housein the past? Has the house ever undergone any major renovation or maintenance?

Knowledge about the Locality

If you are a local here in Atlanta, take out some time and drive around the neighborhoods, communities and other public areas. By exploring around, you will find out about the surroundings with regard to the house that you are going to buy and it will help you in your decision making.

If you are not a local and have visited the place for the first time or you just don’t have enough time to travel around, just ask the locals/neighbors that you see around the property. Some questions that you should be getting answers to are;

  • Are there any good schools in the locality?
  • Are there any recreational places nearby?
  • How is the neighborhood where you are going to buy your house?

Determining Property taxes


What is the average property tax prevalent in Atlanta? What will be the expected tax rate of the house that you will buy? These questions are important to address before you decide which property you will finalize to buy. You may use your mortgage to pay for the tax. For this, you will have to notify your financial lender before closing the deal on your new Atlanta property.


House Inspection


Before you sign the contract, you should get a licensed home inspector to check the property. This inspection is necessary in the purchase procedure. On complete inspection, you can negotiate with the seller about any issues found in the house. Getting the inspection done sooner will save a lot of your time and you will know whether to buy the property or walk away much earlier.

Hazard Insurance


Home buyers are required to have an insurance policy for fire and other hazards when they close the deal. They are also required to have one year premium paid on the date of closing. Purchasers will have to show the receipt for the payment of the policy to buy the house.

Closing Practices


In Georgia, closing generally takes place at the office of the closing attorney.  All parties related to the transaction must be present at that time. Even though you pay the attorney in your closing cost, they work for the lender’s side. Thus, they inspect and confirm that the contract is executed according to the conditions it has been formed.


We have been operating in Atlanta and the surrounding areas for over two decades. Buying property for the first time can be a bit difficult but we specialize in providing the best services coupled with the best deals for buying a home in Atlanta. Our real estate experts can give you complete guidelines about the process of buying a house in Atlanta, GA.

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