Get A Higher Valuation During Home Appraisal

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Get A Higher Valuation During Home AppraisalWhen you decide to sell your house, you will have to get the help of an appraiser to estimate the value of your house. The appraiser looks at the condition of your house, the square foot area it covers, the facilities available in it, its location, and other amenities. He then compares your house to the properties that have been recently sold in your area and estimate the total net worth of your house which you can get by selling it.

If you are unlucky, you might end up with an estimated value which is even lower than what you paid for the house when you bought it. But the good news is that you can get a higher appraisal value if you charm the appraiser into believing that your house is way better than other houses or its worth is much higher.

Some of the things you can do to enhance the chances of getting a higher appraised value are:

Enhance The Looks Of Your House

Get your home in the best condition before the appraiser arrives at your doorstep. You can get help from professional stagers, who prep the house for showing to buyers. Remove all the clutter from your house. Repaint some of the walls if the paint is in bad condition. Repair the broken amenities like faulty light switches or bulb holders. You will eventually do it before selling the house so better to start right now. Never let a house going for sale appear dirty in any way.

Tell Appraiser About The Major Improvements

You should tell the appraiser about any recent major modification or extensive renovation done in your property. Thus, the appraiser would know that your house is in better or new condition in some way when estimating its worth. But it is not suggested that you should undertake any major improvement in the house before appraisal, because in usual cases most of the projects do not put up 100% of their cost in the appraisal value.

Enhance The Outside  

You would not want that the very start of the appraisal process faces a major setback. How your house appears to someone from the outside really matters. This does not mean you should take up a major landscape project or start renovation. But your yard should be clean and mowed. The outside of your house should not be majorly flawed. Do small repairs that you see, like put numbers on the mailbox or check the pet house condition or the lights outsides the house.

Get Your Own Comparables

Another thing you can do to get a good appraisal is find houses similar to your property, that has been recently sold in your locality and show them to the appraiser. You will save the appraiser from doing an extensive research on your locality and if your selected houses have been sold at a good price, they will work on your advantage.

Inspect The Safety Equipment 

One thing that goes out of the seller’s mind to check is the safety equipment. Find whether all the smoke alarms in the house are working or not. Also check up on the home security alarm

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