Best practices when listing your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA

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The process of residential listing in Sandy Spring has seen many changes in the past decade. In present times, there are many different result-oriented ways to list a house. With the evolvement of modern technology, you can aim at several different markets simultaneously to sell your house.

Some of the best practices that provide the listing agent more exposure include the combination of online marketing and vendor programs. The results of these combinations produce highly favorable outcomes and can increase the chance of sales. Here are some of the best practices you should follow when putting your home on sale:

Best practices online:

Modernize the “For Sale” sign

The traditional way of putting a “For Sale” sign near your house is good and can attract some potential buyers in Sandy Springs, GA, but it is too common and conventional. Your agent can help you enhance your “For Sale” sign rider, by combining it with modern technologies. This can increase your home’s selling potential.

Establish a virtual mobile tour: 

Another great feature to incorporate in your strategies for selling your house is the use of a virtual tour. Place a number on your “For Sale” sign rider, and any potential buyer driving by your property can text that number to receive a virtual mobile tour of your house directly on their phone. You can then follow up on the potential buyer to see if they are interested.

Use a QR Code: 

Nowadays, QR codes are being used widely to advertise different products. Using this code, you can connect the browser to a page that will show detailed information about the listing of your home.

Use Social Media:

Using social media to advertise your property for sale is another inexpensive way which you should definitely include in your home sale strategy. It is a great way to connect with not only Sandy Springs’ residents but with residents of other states as well. But do ensure that you refer to your Broker’s company manual to get information about acceptable online posting guidelines.

Use electronic real estate magazines

You can browse through various online real estate magazines in which full colored images and complete description of houses are listed which many buyers visit and read. You can ask your listing agent to include this option in the home sale strategy. The seller and their agent both can attain international exposure by this method.

Send an electronic invite before conducting an open house

Before you arrange an open house in Sandy Springs, your agent can send an online invitation to their database of potential buyers. It can enhance the experience of buyers and you will be more likely to get a positive reply from them.

You can also incorporate an electronic sign-in method, which will provide your agent complete contact information of the visiting buyer, thus the communication process will become much easy and better.

Use Printed exposure

Local newspapers and printed real estate magazines are also very effective options for attracting a large number of potential buyers.


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