6 Killer Marketing Tips to Sell your House

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As a home owner who is trying to sell a house without the help of a real estate agent, the goal is to sell the house in a short time with a high profit. However, some houses need extra attention. A house in mint condition is a real estate agent’s dream and it probably takes a week or two for them to sell it. When tackling this job on your own, you need to make sure that your house is in pristine condition without over spending on it.

As far as repairs go, they make sense because now a days, no one wants a fixer upper. Making unnecessary renovations in the kitchen always takes more out of your pocket and makes up for nothing on the sale price.

For this reason, we are going to give you six killer marketing tips that will help you sell your house faster:

Tip #1

Check out the Listing’s Description

The description of the house posted online is the most crucial marketing step of all. How do you expect the buyer to contact you if you haven’t given enough information on the listing? Make the description sound eloquent with all the necessary information. Make sure that the price is written in bold letters, so that it is the first thing buyer notices. If they find the property affordable, only then they will move further. Have a look at the other listings online and see how they are phrased to get an idea.

Tip #2

Include Bright Photographs

Often times, homeowners make the mistake of positing just about any photos of the house online. If the house does not look visually appealing in the photos, then the buyer will click by fast. First of all, before taking any picture, make sure that the room is empty and all the lights are turned on. Pictures capture everything, so make sure that there are no cobwebs in sight.

Tip #3

Provide a Virtual Tour

Open houses are now a thing of the past. Most buyers are concerned about the safety of the house and seldom host an open house. To make up for this, make a virtual tour of the house instead. However, you’ll need to make it creatively, so that the buyers will enjoy watching it. A virtual tour is where you lead a person from room to room, telling about the aspects of the house.

Tip #4

Borrow a Drone

Borrow or rent a drone to take an aerial shot. The shot from above will capture your house and the neighbourhood that will give the buyer an idea about the location. Plus, it will impress the buyer that you have posted such impressive images.

Tip #5

Use Social Media

People always take their search to the internet when looking for a house. Posting about your house sale on social media and making it public is a sure way to garner a lot of attention. The post will be shared instantly and you can ask for your friends’ help to spread the word.

Tip #6

Create a Brochure

You have posted the pictures, the aerial shot, the virtual tour and now what? A great way to impress the potential buyer is to give them a brochure. Create a brochure on your house that has beautiful pictures of it with all its plus points listed on it. Buyers will love this personal touch.

Try these six marketing tips and you will surely attract some serious buyers. Internet is a powerful tool and by making full use of it, you can sell your house fast. Start with searching the perfect listing for your house through America’s Network Reality. Enter your address on the website and find out your house’s value on the market.

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